Good app to show what the options

Good features:During my project management process I believe that I had enough time to complete my project. I didn’t need to change any of my project plans, so everything went as planned.

Bad features:Unexpected events occurred e.g. I had to rush my project plan before the deadline.How can I improve my project management?I can improve by making sure that I leave time and ensure that I don’t need to rush on my project plan.Overall:Overall I believe that my project management process has been going well as planned.Task 2:The tools that I have used for my project management are:· Project plan· Use case diagram· Business case· Product requirements specification document· Gantt chart· App design PowerPoint· Flow chart· MIT App InventorThe project plan was useful because it gave me an idea of what needs to happen during my project management process, it was like a list that I had to complete one by one.Use case diagram was useful because it displayed me what a user can do with my app; because of this I implemented those ideas onto my app.Business case was useful because it has the risks analysis meaning that risks that could occur during project management process and how do I reduce or better yet avoid these risks completely.Product requirements spec doc is useful because it had the requirements of the product, the constraints that may occur in the process, the functional and non-functional requirements of the product.The Gantt chart is useful because it was like a diary on a chart and everything that had happen in the process would be recorded.App design PowerPoint is very useful because it was the layout of the product that I was going to make, it was like a prototype.Flow chart is useful because it showed me what would happen if a user would click on a button and what options are available to that user.Task 3:The tools that I have used to make my event driven application are:· MIT App Inventor· Button· Pictures· Textbox· Blocks of codeThe reason I chose MIT App Inventor was to make my event driven application, without it I would not have been able to make one.The reason I chose button because I needed a button for my app, users can navigate through my app by clicking on buttons.I put pictures on my app to show what the options in the menu looked like and also how to link their phones to their car.Textbox was needed to show the users how to use my app on the guide page.Blocks of code were needed so that when users click on certain buttons it would take them to different page, users are able to navigate through my app efficiently.Task 4:Success criteria:Identify the successes:· The app starts up· When clicking on the “radio” button, it takes you to the radio page.· When clicking on the “air conditioning” button, it takes you to the air conditioning page.· When clicking on the “window button”, it takes you to the window page.· When clicking on the “back to menu” button, it takes you back to the main menu.· When clicking on the “guide” and the “F.A.Q” button, it takes you to the guide page and the FAQ page.Shortcomings/errors:· Gifs don’t work when running the app.Improvements:· Implement a GPS system onto the app if possible.· Implement a voice recognition system for ease of use.

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