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Gender Issues Women Face


is this huge impression in our society that men are the money makers in the
business world. They are the “hot shots” that make big things happen. This is
true, but today women are seeking a new desire. Women are making great
improvements in the workforce. While women are taking part in the workforce,
there are still some issues holding women back more than men. These issues involve
of pay wage gap, and overall gender inequality that has grown in the modern-day

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The world of business is evolving. Years ago,
men were the only individuals to make

the accounting field. Things are different now. Today, women make up of half
the industry. As more women are becoming educated, more women are becoming a part
of the business world. As a female, I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s
degree in Accounting. Pretty soon, I will be entering the accounting workforce.
I feel that I connect to this issue and I am very intrigued to learn more of
the issues women face. 

            Today, women make up a great portion
of the workplace. Women make up 61.3% of all accountants and auditors in the
United States (Catalyst, 2018).  This can
be credited to the fact that more women are obtaining a higher education. Since
women are getting a greater education, it is letting them become a competition
to men. Women typically are still making 
less money than their male peers, working less, and are seen are less
suitable for their jobs.

is a wage gap between men and women. In a recent study, women working as
accountants earned on average a weekly salary of approximately $1,018, compared
to the weekly salary of $1,441 earned by men in the same field in 2016
(Catalyst, 2018).  Gender


gap is unquestionably discriminating. Pay should be judged on experience and
one’s ability, not gender. In some cases, women do the same job as men, but
again, are being paid less. A woman can do the same work and work just as hard
as a man. Why does this gender wage gap still exist?

today are gaining more education from colleges and universities. The more
education a woman has should mean a higher paying job. According to statistics
in 2016, around 33.7% of women graduated college with a degree. This is eight
times more being compared to the 1940’s (US Census Bureau). However, more
education does not acquire equal pay for women. According to the U.S. Census
Bureau, women make about .79 cents for every dollar men earn, the smallest gap
since the 1960s.  

reason why women in accounting positions are paid less is because they work
fewer hours. After having children, women are expected to stop working all
together or to take a maternity leave. Out of both parents, the mother is
usually the one who decides to cut back on work to stay home with their
children. Becoming a mother can be a huge obstacle for a woman. Subsequently,
the initial role of a woman is to stay home and raise a family. Men and women
are agreeing that having a flexible work schedule would help balance out family
and work lives (The Mergis Group). Two-thirds of women believe accounting is a
career path that provides a good work/life balance (The Mergis Group). Men feel
that asking for reduced hours will make them be viewed as weak and hurt their
chances in their career, so generally women take advantage of the flexibility
to balance a career and family matters.

experience lower pay for many “reasons”. Some include the glass ceiling, less
education, experience, and mommy duties. Among these, the glass ceiling is
believed to be the harshest form of discrimination. This term is used to
describe the inequality between men and women in this profession. The “glass
ceiling” refers to how males in the accounting profession always dominate the
top positions in a company, and no matter how good a woman is at their job, it
is almost impossible for them to break through the “glass ceiling” (Reiner). Women
are eager to advance. They have the skills and attitudes that would help build
them to the top if it weren’t for the views on gender differences.

today’s society, women and men are delaying getting married and having
children. Many people today want to focus on their education and career. A
majority of men (88%) and women (86%) would encourage young women to pursue the
accounting field (The Mergis Group). Only about 66% of women feel this is a
career path that allows them to have that personal and professional balance
(The Mergis Group). As said by the human capital theory, parenting takes away
from the time that could be spent learning job skills, job skills that are
vital early on in one’s career (Staff, 2014).  In total women make up 47% of the workforce in
the United States. Women and men are roughly equal in numbers in joining the
workforce, however, women have small percentages in top spots. For example,
women hold 15% of executive positions, 8% of top positions or earners, and
under 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Men and women want to advance their career until
they are comfortable and ready to start a family. The accounting workforce
promotes growth and women are trying to break through the “glass ceilings”.

inequality has a variable that changes no matter what the job is or what
workforce a woman is entering. Country and culture. European countries and
Canada have the least amount of gender inequality (Haines). Whether it is in
accounting or other careers, in these areas women have decreased the gap to men
in the workforce. For example, in Canada, women hold over 50% of auditors and
accountant jobs in their workforce. There are over ten countries in Europe that
have women in the accounting workforce holding over 50% of the positions there.
Some of the biggest gender inequality gaps are found in Africa and the Middle
East. These gaps come from the culture women the women live in or the
lifestyles they inherit from their society.  

does it take to become one of the most powerful woman in the accounting
workforce? Women have to be just as educated if not more than a man to get
ahead. Getting a Master’s or a CPA license on the end of your name creates more
growth in the accounting workforce for a woman. Most of the most powerful women
in the accounting workforce have Master’s, CPAs, CFEs, or CVAs. Whether these
women have worked their way up to their position or given the opportunity to
hold a powerful position because of their accomplishments, going the extra mile
to get more certificates or higher education gives women the chance to close
the gender gap.  

can the accounting workforce in America close and become more equal for men and
women? People say accounting is a flexible career, yet women lost that
flexibility because of motherhood. More accounting jobs should allow or offer
women to work from home during their maternity leave to lessen gender
inequality. Women gain just as many job opportunities as men, but turn them
down due to the heavy demand on hours and work. Yet women shouldn’t be afraid
of that. Look at the medical workforce. A mother couldn’t run out of a surgery
because their child got in trouble at school. Accounting offers flexibility
even for mothers to work just as hard as a man. Firms set main business hours
where the workload is the busiest and men and women have the opportunities to
work during those hours and more if they want.

well trained are managers in the accounting workplace? Yes, companies hire or
promote managers for their performance at work or in their career. But, do the
newly hired managers know how to manage? A manager can help or hurt a workplace
whether it is based on performance or gender equality. A company can get a bad
reputation if people find out a manager favors men more than women or punishes
the women for maternity leave or time off. Bad managers don’t have to be a bad
person, they are just badly trained managers. Great managers in the workforce
will attract great employees and greater equality in the workplace under his or
her management.

to find out if the employees in an accounting firm think they are all equal?
Post everyone’s salary in the break room or somewhere in the office for
everyone to see. Look and listen to how the employees react to seeing the
salaries of their coworkers. Do the men and women feel like there is a big or
small pay wage gap? The National Labor Relations Act give employees the right
to discuss conditions in the workplace even including salaries. Let’s take it a
step further. Imagine when you get a job offer it doesn’t say you earn $80,000
a year, bimonthly, but on the job offer it has the names of men and women with
the same job saying these people earn $80,000 a year? This closes a big gap
between gender inequality and pay wage gap. Both men and women would know what
others who have the same job made that year working for that company. If they
offer a woman say $70,000 a year when a man was making $80,000 a year, than a
woman can fight for equal pay and be treated the same for the work she does
just like the man making more money.

stereotypes still hold women back in the workforce? Gender stereotypes are hard
to break whether fighting it or not. The problem is people and even companies
still engage in stereotypes about men and women in the workforce. Public policy
has such a huge impact on gender equality in the workplace (Rollert). Whether
it is legislation making changes or companies reviewing their policies for
workplace equality, the equality has to start from the top and make its way
down. Society should recognize the contributions and work man or woman make and
encourage equality in the workplace and grow past and change the way we look at

is just one of many workforce’s women have made an impact in gender equality.
Many big name companies have created programs and found ways to eliminate
gender equality and pay wage gap. Apple, Google and Microsoft are companies
with thousands of employees and they all feel they are treated equal, have
great managers and flexibility to meet everyone’s need. Target and Home Depot
are more on the labor side of the workforce and they offer women and working
mother plenty of work hours and advancement in the company. More and more
companies are realizing the less gender inequality in the workplace for their
company, the more profitable and the higher the reputation that company holds
in the eyes of the public.

is a question, a woman like myself, I have to ask myself with the media this
past year. Will the recent outbreaks of sexual harassment and workplace
misconduct slow down or hurt women’s progress in gender equality? The media
this past year has shown a lot of women coming out about the sexual harassment
and poor treatment they received because they were a woman. Those men thought
they could take advantage of those women and they never thought they would
speak up. I’m happy for the women that spoke up and stood up for themselves.
Those men thought they were more powerful because they had more money. This was
a sign of gender inequality for years in the movie and entertainment industry.
Women should not let the wrongful actions of those men stop them from working
in these industries. They should use this information to be more aware moving
forward that men think they can take advantage of women. No matter how much
money they make or what movies they make, they can’t use that as power over

forward, the accounting workforce will be a leading runner in closing the pay
wage gap and less and less gender inequality. Over the years, women have been
paid less for doing the same work as a man in the accounting industry. Women
are receiving higher educations and obtaining more certificates and licenses to
advance through the workforce. Women today have more opportunities to be at the
top of their company and make equal pay with the men in their company. Men and
women are close in numbers in the workforce, but women have a very small
percentage in top positions in accounting firms. There are countries that have
gone to great lengths to improve gender equality. Those countries have women in
equal or more spots in accounting.

have an obstacle that has been a part of their lives for years. When a woman
becomes a mother, she will leave take maternal leave and take care of her new
family. When a woman takes this time and more time to come in the child’s
future, she sacrifices hours and job opportunities to advance in the company.
Women should be rewarded for the education they earned and the work they have put
in for the company. The company should train the management team to be equal to
all employees regardless of their race. Companies should use the salaries of
those of the same work for men and women to close the pay wage gap. My future
and career is in accounting and I am sure when it is time for me to step
through the door into the workforce, women will be treated equal and get paid
the same as a man for the same work in what we love to do.


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