Gender Issues

What do you want to be when you grow up? We all have to answer that
question at one point in our lives. The funny thing is, no one ever assumes
that we just want to be ourselves. We all have to dream of being somebody,
of fitting some stereotype. This is absolutely normal because we all have
fantasies about the ideal or ideals. And women are just as responsible or
the stereotypes created for them as the men. If I didn’t want to be
stereotyped as prissy or privileged I would not stick out my pinkie when
eating and holding my tea and would not wear makeup in the amounts that I
tend to. If I didn’t want to be called an art freak I would not wear my
paint stained overalls or clay covered sweaters and boots. Women have
evolved just as much as men have (if not more) through out time and have
created an image for themselves, or rather images. If we are seen as nave
like in “Stupid Girl” we are probably living out the oldest of the
fantasies of the lady in distress. And who wouldn’t like to be the helpless
victim? Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White all waiting to be rescued.

“Tea at the House” certainly shows the confused child in all of us, how
many people just loved watching “My Girl”. “Bad Boy Number Seventeen” well
“…tell me about it stud…”; all of the movie “Grease” just makes you
(and Sandy for that matter) want to be that trashy blonde with the guy in
the tight jeans and nice car, especially if that guy was trouble.

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Intelligent and deadly sure sounds evil in “Splinters” but sure sounds good
when you’re the leading lady and greatest opponent of James Bond, Milady in
the Three Musketeers, or Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”. It’s powerful
and sexy and women love it as much as men do. Rude and bitchy is something
we all have to be and frankly, some of us enjoy it. “Roseanne” and Grace
Kelly of “Grace Under Fire” sure showed us what the real guts of a woman
look like. She welds, she cooks, she drinks and scratches. She is a woman
and a man all in one. The truth is, I can identify with all of these, and
not because some man created those images for me, but because I find them
appealing for myself. I don’t find them stagnant or degrading. I am all of
those things and it makes me a multifaceted and intriguing personality and
I will never give a man credit for that.


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