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” Severalpeople told me that I don’t have Canadian secondary education to pursue a nursingdegree in Canada”. The memory of my first day in Canada as a new immigrant in June2009 can never be far from my mind. Many newcomers to Canada find themselvesfacing two choices: either to get a survival job or to go back to school. I wasone of them who decided to go back to school and pursue my dreams. My strongmotivation and continuous family support helped me overcome the hardships ofbeing a new comer to Canada.

In 2010, I enrolled in Mohawk College in appliedcommunication course to upgrade my English proficiency. After successfulcompletion of the program, I got enrolled in practical nursing program that gaveme a platform to bridge and to complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing. Myexperience so far matured me as a learner and boosted my confidence immenselyand inspired me to take next step to pursue Master of Nursing – NP program withclinical focus in adult stream offered at the University of Toronto forSeptember 2018 intake.           The Lawrence S.

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Bloomberg Faculty ofNursing’s has a proven reputation for providing students with strong educationand training required for advance practice nurses who are competent, caring,and can meet the demands of healthcare. I strongly believe that my previous academicperformance and practical experience has made very strong foundation from whereI would like to build and demonstrate greater depth and breadth of knowledge, agreater synthesis of data, increased complexity of skills and interventions,and significant role autonomy.      I started my professional career atSunnybrook Health Sciences center as a registered nurse on a full time basissince May 2016. I am currently a member of acute care nursing resource team(ACNRT) and serve three main areas including General internal medicine program,Palliative/ Surgical oncology program and TECC program (Trauma, emergency andcritical care).

My experience as an ACNRT member afforded me to gain proficiencyin variety of units with multiple specialties promoting excellent patient carewhile also enabled me to demonstrate exceptional leadership, communication,problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.       Mynursing journey so far has shaped me into a more responsible, caring, accountable,and mature individual. I enjoy my current role as a registered nurse, butrecognize my yearning for more. As healthcare is shifting, nurses must preparefor changes in health care delivery. I strongly believe that if nurses reallywant to transform their health care system, one way to do this is to increasetheir level of education and knowledge.

An advanced degree will expand myvision, increase my overall understanding of the science of nursing and abilityto access and use evidence-based practice to improve the health of our population.Advanced nursing will put me at a more advantageous position to excel myleadership skills to bridge the gap between bedside care and administrativeroles where patients would be the direct recipients of effective decisionmaking.            Admission to the MN NP-Adult streamprogram will allow me to undertake my essential career goals. One of myforemost goal is to commit myself in life long learning and broaden my scope ofpractice as a nurse practitioner emphasizing health promotion, harm reduction, chronicdisease prevention and management in acute and primary care settings. Given theopportunity with NP adult stream, I would be able to see a broader globalpicture of my patient needs in community as well as during their periods ofacute illnesses. As a nurse practitioner, I want to grow my professionallatitude to diagnose, prescribe and manage their overall health by providingfull range of health care. Obtaining my Master’s degree from University ofToronto will allow me to advance my career and expand my effectiveness as aprosperous health care provider. My long-term goal would be to achieve adoctorate degree and contribute to the profession through research and informpractice with a focus on national, global system level change and publicpolicy.

Attending University of Toronto for my Masters program in Adult stream willallow me to reach my next step of professional development plan. The hybridonline format and in-class sessions for MSN-NP program very well aligns with mylearning style and offers me flexibility to work part time during my graduationstudies. This would not only facilitate my learning but also benefit meembedding my academic education in clinical work areas.           Ihope to get admission to your program and graduate with advance knowledge, compassionand dedication necessary for making the most positive impact on meeting thehealth care needs of diverse communities. MSN-NP is an excellent platform uponwhich I could better advocate for my patient population on the basis ofevidence based practices and keep giving back to my local community throughoutmy lifetime. I am aware that this prestigious program will attract many wellqualified applicants, however I strongly believe that I have the commitment, motivationenthusiasm and experience to excel in it and to ‘add value’ to my class.       Ithank you for considering my application for graduate studies.


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