Gangs of Chicago

attn getter: kill little jimmy
boss: um listen sammy I want u to take care of our little buddy jimmy see he lost some of our more expensive merchindise to the nunziatos
sammy: what do you want me to do boss what do you want me to do?
boss: take him out to eat and tell him his don doesnt care that he lost the merchindise and then take him to see the sights, when he’s not looking tell him to be prepared to meet his old buddy tony, then scratch him!
sammy:sure boss sure
while we all would hate to be in little jimmy’s position i’m sure some of us wish we were alive in the roaring twenties when flappers and bootlegging were all in style
my book
The Gangs Of Chicago
Herbert Asbury
My topic # 4
real life connection
the book gangs of chicago is
explained by the title
the connection i made was with the whole mafia part of the book
growing up i wasnt really into anything kids my age liked
mafia guys are so cool they have funny names like sammy and jimmy and tony
and the cool ones never seem to die
they are dressed as if they are going to funeral
and seem to talk out of the side of their mouth
even tony saprano does that
they also have funny acents
but the best part is that mafia guys no matter how ugly face filled with scars
pimples on their forehead……..they always seem to get the ladies
i saw the movie the godfather and knew i had to join an italian mafia
there were 2 problems though
i wasnt italian. . . . . . . . . .appearently!
and the 1920’s happened a long long time ago
so i did the next best thing
i started my own mexican mafia at the age of 6
our name……………..

the aztecios
we were the toughest mexican mafia around
we were the only mexican mafia around
but over time like any mafia my chronies slowly departed
3 of them to be exact
havier moved away
jose wasnt allowed to go outside
and jack’s mom didnt want jack to play our little game anymore because she thought the whole mafia idea was stupid and i qoute “eres loco” for those of you who dont understand she called me crazy
so my dream of being a mafia boss ended
until HBO ran a pilot of a new show called the sapranos
after that i rewnewed my mafia vows
because i knew i had to become tony saprano
because no one messes with him he is one bad mama jama
and if they mess with him
well if you watch the sapranos you know what happens to them
the book mentions all of the more famous chicago gang members
and should be read by everone who has ever been interested in the mafia
and anyone interested by chicago history

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