FuzeX integration. It also has an E-Paper Display





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The blockchain technology and its unorthodox
solutions have been widely accepted by a lot of people and cryptocurrencies are
now acknowledged as money because of its real money like features. However,
these cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin face a parlous challenge when
it comes to their usability. 

FuzeX-The problem solver

FuzeX concept is to solve these issues of
usability in cryptocurrencies where everyone wants to have them but are unable
to spend them. Through combining technical understanding in software and
hardware development with experience in blockchain and payment solutions all
these issues could be solved. 

The FuzeX Card

FuzeX is a magnetic strip and barcode enabled
card with a smart e-card in it that will accredit users to place up to 30
reward cards, credit cards or debit cards in one and contains multi-crptocurrency
integration. It also has an E-Paper Display (EPD), three input buttons, a
charging terminal and a rechargeable battery and resembles a standard credit
The picture of the card along with details is available on the official website


Stores upto 30
cryptocurrency accounts.

Battery life between
45 to 60 days

Remote obliterate

Bluetooth connection
between FuzeX wallet and FuzeX card


For multi cryptocurrency
payments, it has a EMV chip

Power on/off buttons

User can enter pin
codes and approve payments on the card itself.

E-paper display

Rechargeable battery

Users will not have to
take out their smartphones and can pay entirely through FuzeX Card. 


FuzeX Wallet

It functions as a hard wallet when the FuzeX Card connects with the FuzeX
Wallet through a password. It manages various cryptocurrencies and allows
users to deposit, utilize, receive and transfer tokens and is a secure private
key management due to PIN code and password. 

FuzeX exchange

To facilitate real time exchange between cryptocurrencies and cash, it reserves
a multitude of both currencies. It is very secure as it contains 3
multi-signature security keys. If a user forgets or loses their user key, they
can create a new account upon identification and all the balance from the
previous account will be transferred to the new one.



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