Future Technology

People often think that future is all about flying cars, robots and space
travelling. Maybe it will be like that, who knows, but at least until this day
the changes havent been remarkable. Companies are all the time investing more
money on research and development. This indicates that companies and government
are interested to achieve and find new technological inventions that would
change the markets. All ready one of the computer related inventions, Internet,
has changed the spreading of information globally. E-companies are stocks are
rising in the stock markets like rockets. This is a great example how future
technology will change the economics around the world as it affects greatly our
everyday life. Internet is worldwide network of connected computers. This
network enables you to communicate with the rest of the world in different
ways.(1) Has been approximated that the total amount of information globally
doubles every 18 months, which indicates that internet, as an important part of
media nowadays, affects everyone of us though we might not have a possibility to
be on-line. The approximated number of people who are on-line daily is more than
18%. As you can imagine and as you probably may have seen, there are a lot
companies. You can find the big ones like Coca-Cola, Disney, Xerox, IBM. Apart
from supplying (product) information and amusement, they mostly use the web for
name and product branding (recognition). There’s a completely new industry with
lots and lots of Net based companies like the search engines, banner exchanges,
hosting services, (Net) marketers and software enterprises. And there are
others, which have expanded their originally offline business field to the Net
(Credit Card companies, Researchers, Marketers, Yellow Pages). Small and medium
business companies selling to consumers. A great part of them use the Net to
expand their offline business, others try to make a living on it. And some of
them see the necessity to transfer from one to the other in the future.

Business-to-business companies are also found on the Net. In short, all kind of
enterprises have taken the step to the online world.(2) Internet is not only
a way to spend time surfing, but it is also an very good way to make money by
transforming products, services and markets. It is an easy way to reach people
when thinking advertising and it is an easy way to people to reach the
information wanted, but the competition between companies in the virtual reality
of Internet, is as hard as in the real world. Governments space program also
influences and will influence economics of the future. U.S. governments NASA
(North American Space Association) has done great job exploring space and
research new opportunities in outer space and other planets. The question is how
the new future technology will change the direction of economics and by that our
living on Earth or maybe on some other planet The world population is growing
fast. The room to live on earth might be a problem in future, and Earth might
not be able to feed the upcoming population. This is one of the reasons why we
have to explore the space for new opportunities. The problem is the money. Are
taxpayers willing to pay? After the resent failure of sending a $266 million
Pathfinder to Mars, taxpayers started doubt is the space program worth it, but
mistakes that are caused by understaffed and overworked space teams are not
unique to interplanetary missions, like NASAs Pathfinder mission. A single
broken cord can turn to a $400 million cost, but who said it is not risky.Is
this $450 billion plan going to give taxpayers their moneys back? No, because
the new technology will help their children and grandchildren to live their
everyday lives in polluted and overpopulated environment caused by the past
generations. In recent years, cost-reduction efforts throughout Americas
space industry have had profound effects on the workforce. Older and more
experienced workers were the predominant target of cost-conscious layoffs or of
contract swapping prior to retirement-benefits vesting. But even the younger
workers, supposedly their eventual replacement, were victimized by the
cuts.(3)This is what the taxpayers should understand; their selfish use of
money on researching new technology might be a threat for the future
generations. If we were to bring back a rock in 2005 that clearly shows
evidence of ancient life on the planet or fi we were to find evidence of life on
Mars, that would be great impetus for a human program. A manned mission must
have a compelling scientific or economic rationale, said

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