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From the Puritan society that Hawthorne manages to recreate, one can get an understanding of Hawthorne’s past and how it correlates to his family’s cruel judgment. The Salem society has their own perception of what is rightfully just and what is not. As Hester continues to tolerate people’s commentary, the reader can see how the Salem society condemns hypocrisy. From Hawthorne’s work, The Scarlet Letter, he was reacting to a more conservative community and their beliefs. As he uses his past experiences to portray the characters and setting in his story, Hawthorne’s use of allegory shows the issues that individuals often endured during the time. The readers can get a sense of the moral messages in which Hawthorne tries to convey throughout the novel.                  Aside from Hawthorne’s allegorical works, one can also contextualize the various issues such as gender and class, as it can be depicted in The Scarlet Letter as well. According to the NPR article, Hawthorne was writing The Scarlet Letter when America was in the middle of a feminist movement. Prior to Hawthorne publishing his well-known work, the women’s rights movement was held in 1848 that took place in Seneca Falls, NY. Significant women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony had called a convention, where an enormous amount of women had gathered to discuss ideas and the unfair treatment they’ve experienced. Women were challenging men and their role in society for first time ever in America. As we can see from the novel, Hester Prynne exemplifies how women is capable of gaining the power of individuality when rebelling against cultural bonds. Referring back to the article, Evan Carton, a literature professor at the University of Texas, mentioned the concept of “male anxiety.” He subtly makes connections to Hester, as he generalizes men being in control when it comes to certain things such as order or property. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester continues to strive and prosper despite the fact that she has committed adultery. Through Hester, readers are able to comprehend how women are represented in society. By the end of her time, she continues to embrace the “A” even after her mistreatment. The letter had symbolize Hester’s courage as a female character in Hawthorne’s work. She has reversed the stereotypical gender roles which makes her an influential heroine throughout American literature.            As mentioned previously, the Puritan society has their own restrictions when it comes to the individuals living in their community. However, social class seemed to signify the importance of one’s role in society. Hawthorne is able to enhance the reader’s understanding of social hierarchy in regards to the Puritan’s lifestyle. He shows how one’s social status depicts the outcome of their punishment and how society perceives them. For example, Arthur Dimmesdale, who was a Reverend that people looked up to. Even though he was a sinner, his social status seemed to signify his role within the community. His sins were overlooked as his title and reputation justified the kind of person that individuals distinguished him to be. As for Hester, she was ridiculed considering she was unordinary and rejected by her own society. Since she did not have a high social status like Dimmesdale, she had to be publicly shamed for years while Dimmesdale remained in secret. Aside from her mistake, Hester still made a name for herself as she continues to stay with the community along with her daughter, Pearl. She makes a living by doing embroidery work in which she contributes to the community. Hawthorne reacts to the judgments of the Puritan society when it comes to people’s accomplishments and successes. In The Scarlet Letter, one can see how much individuals value the achievements of a person rather than their own characteristics.


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