From cellars, musketeers, French berets and a character

From the Gascony region in southwest France?Armagnac, the cousin of Cognac, is a brandy that hails. For
example, Cognac is a produced from a base of white wine, but unlike Cognac.
With a round and rich flavor, it goes through only a single slow distillation
which produces a brandy. After the distillation, from the local oak forest, it
undergoes an extended period of aging in barrels made primarily. To shed its
harshness of youth, the longer aging allows the brandy.

Although Armagnac sales in the US ,it have been
increase the sale rate in recent years the artisanal nature of this spirits, it
means that production is small and it remains a secret to be discovered by the
most wine and spirits lovers. The Wine Lovers of NYC wants to change something!
Join us on Sunday, November 13 as May Matta-Aliah, the New York Armagnac
Ambassador and president of In the Grape. An organization dedicated to making
wine and spirits education accessible to everyone, it will be present 6
wonderful Armagnacs in addition to a welcome Armagnac Punch. This promises to
be very fun and educational adventure into one of the greatest brandies of
France and that still remains a well-kept secret to most, but not for long.

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Besides that, by France’s best-kept secret, Armagnac let’s get
seduced. Steeped in a history, that goes back 700 years and flavored by the
characters that can only be found in the Gascony. A sip of Armagnac recalls
secret cellars, musketeers, French berets and a character as unique as the
people that put their heart and soul into producing it. Join us on this guided
journey through the picturesque vineyards and it also got dramatic cellars of
Gascony. We can enjoy an unprecedented tasting of the Armagnacs. The tasting
will highlight the range of styles produced from VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale)
old to XO (Extra Old). And It also from the Hors d’Age to the Vintages.
Proprietary distillation techniques and the importance of the local oak barrels
will all be discussed it local in Grape Varieties. Of this fine spirit and an
appreciation for why the French are more than happy to keep this seductive
spirit a secret all to them, you will come away with a deeper understanding.

As the finest producer of brandy in the world, Armagnac is only one
of the world are the true rival to Cognac for recognition. It is one of only three officially demarcated brandy
regions in Europe, and it along with Cognac and Jerez in Spain.

Its quantity of the production is significantly lower than that of the Cognac
region. For every six bottles of Armagnac, it will sold around the world there are one hundred bottles of
cognac sold.

For around 200 years longer than Cognac,
Armagnac has been making

Armagnac is a French grape brandy and it is the most similar to cognac, but it ultimately very different in production and flavor

In this post, I’ll cover the basics of the
armagnac. In next post,
I’ll discuss the main differences between the cognac
and the armagnac. 

In the presentation, Armagnac is the most established schnaps in France,
with references going back the extent that 1411 amid it was utilized for the
most part for helpful reasons. These days, the liquor being the drink of
decision for us to quiet the nerves following stun. There was 200 years
previously the main specify of Cognac and has dependably thrown a shadow over
the schnaps it jumps at the chance to see as a littler, non-debilitating, and
more youthful sibling. These days anyway it is Armagnac which is the rising
star and enormous sibling Cognac has a considerable measure to keep an eye out


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