Fourth (Proverbs 16:18 New International Version). Pride is

sin is lust; Lust can be known as an addiction; lust is also a desire that
objects others into doing anything just so they can achieve that desire. Lust
can be for power, for knowledge, for money, for alcohol, for drugs, or for
anything. Society has grown to love lust, for example in today’s society
rape has become a big trend, adultery is the second leading cause of divorce, and
men and are used in advertisements for their figure to make you want a product
more. SpongeBob is a lustfully character, He loves Squidward who hates him, He
loves Sandy who thinks she’s better than him in everything and He loves Mr.

Krabs, who abuses him constantly.

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            Fifth sin is pride; Pride is the
state of being proud or having a stroppy self-esteem. People tin to have
different reasons for having pride, in addition “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a
fall” (Proverbs 16:18 New International Version). Pride is the biggest sin for most people in
today’s society, there is nothing wrong with thinking that the things you do
are incredible, but there is a certain point between self-confidence, and
thinking you are the best out of everyone else around you because of the
accomplishments and goals you have achieved.” Sandy off of “SpongeBob SquarePants” is the prime example of
pride, she takes pride in being from Texas and is sensitive when anyone says
anything bad about it. Sandy is also an inventor and karate master in a few
episodes she has stated that she is better than everyone else in any of these
things. Her pride reaches that fine line where she puts herself and her friends
in danger just to prove she’s better.

            Sixth sin is Sloth; Sloth is when
one is dodging physical or spiritual work. Sloth is one of those sins you
really don’t understand why it could be a sin. Sloth is basically being lazy and
never wanting to do anything, not only but also “sloth is when you allow your
disappointments and your doubts take over, preventing you from being involved”
(David Stewart Warner). This is Patrick Star he gets motivated when SpongeBob
is around, but most of the time he’s just lying under his rock. In one episode
Patrick even won an award for doing nothing the longest.

the seventh sin is wrath, Wrath is feelings of anger or dislike. Wrath can be “in its purest form,
presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds”
(, Squidward is the best fit for
wrath. In every TV episode Squidward shows that he hates pretty much
everything, he hates his neighbors, he hates his job and he pretty much hates everything
that’s in his life overall.

The seven deadly sins are something that
happens frequently in an everyday lifestyle. All of these sins intertwine into
a domino game which have the effects of actions or reactions which leads up to
all seven deadly sins. Once one sin is committed, it’s easier to start
committing the next one it leads up to .


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