For people. They largely use racist comments

For this written task, I am deciding to write an onlinecritique mainly based on the famously known television show known as Top Gear.Top Gear originally started from Britain as its aired by the BritishBroadcasting Television. This show is about motor vehicles and criticizingvarious cars from different parts of the world.

The top Gear series began wayback in 1977 and began airing in 2002 since then has become a largely watchedtelevision, being watched in over 180 countries and accumulating over twohundred million views every week. The main and only reason I chose to use theTop Gear series is primarily because of its presenters and the way they usetheir language. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. These threepresenters have gained fame from their use of language and insensitivitytowards their audience. Not being careful about their use of language and thecomment’s they make has definitely affected different races and cultures ofpeople.

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They largely use racist comments alongside sexist and sexualitycomments. They do this through the use of some literary devices such asmetaphors, similes, hyperbole and so on. The fact that Top Gear is a perfectexample of Language and mass media communication which is done through media.

The language used by the Top Gear presenters could be used a way to convey differentimages and stereotypes of certain regions and countries and considering thelarge amount of viewership is gets, this does persuade a large number of peopleto paint wrong pictures of different culture and traditions towards variousplaces. This online critique will open to the public so people could eitheragree or disagree with any claims said in the online critique This is alsomeaningful in a way that since they have such a large audience and do make allthese offensive comments against different cultures, the audience then thinksit is perfectly okay to do so just because a TV presenter which in this caseare the presenters of Top Gear have done so. This is also having negativeimpacts on the audience as they now think that it is perfectly fine for someoneto go and racially insult and make fun of various people from differentorigins.

             Top Gear is a British based television series which ismainly about cars, test driving cars, recommending cars and so on. The Top Gearseries originally commenced in 1977 but started airing in 2002. Since the Topgear has become one of the most watched television shows around the world withover 200 million views every week and being having the show watched in over 180countries around the world.

One main for their huge success are theirpresenters famously known as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May whoare known for speaking out their minds and not caring about what they say onthe television show. Top gear being a Television show with such a largeaudience makes it a perfect and appropriate example of a mass media that caneasily be used to provide tons of information and furthermore persuade theirhuge audience. Since Top Gear was re-aired in 2002, the choice of language thatthe presenters Jeremy, Richard and James and insensitivity has led them toexasperate and annoy their audience both racially, and sexually. Top gear have portrayed different ways of sexualdiscrimination but the most controversial example of this was in their show inDecember 23 of 2016 when Richard Hammond said that “ice cream is gay” whichconveys that everyone who east ice- cream is gay. This clear use of theinsensitive language used by Richard Hammond. During this episode of Top GearHammond then replied saying that “It’s all right, I don’t eat ice cream. Ithink it is something to do with being straight.” His co presenters JeremyClarkson and James May were shocked to hear this from Richard Hammond what evenshocked them more was the fact that the crowd at the Top Gear show room wereapplauding the comment Richard Hammond said, illustrating that they agree andsupport the claims and comments that Richard Hammond is saying about ice-creamhaving to be related to the idea and concept of being gay.

This use of languageRichard Hammond may have been funny to the audience, but had a very negativeeffect on their audience that was gay as Richard Hammond rating them based offthe mere fact that any male that ate ice cream was gay and had something to dowith being straight.The top Gear presenters have conveyed stereotypical commentsin many ways through the use of their language. One of the stereotypicalcomment that was made by these presenters was when they were talking about theMexicans. Despite the fact that national stereotyping is part of the Britishhumor, the presenters did really offend the Mexicans when joking about thefalse fact that cars made in Mexico have national characteristics of theMexicans. Following this Richard Hammond said “just going to be lazy, feckless,flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus witha blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.” Furthermore, James Maydescribed the Mexican food as “like slick with cheese on it” adding on this,Jeremy Clarkson then says there is nothing about and that they would not getany complaints when he said “as the Mexican embassy, the ambassador is going tobe sitting there with a remote control like this snores. They won’t complainits fine.” As seen from the example above normally, the audience would laugh atthis as it was considered just a joke although this had different effects onaudience.

Although in this particular case, the Top Gear presenters wereclearly and blatantly offending the Mexicans and also very clearly painting anabrogating and negative picture towards the Mexican nationals by calling themprovoking and shocking words such as feckless and flatulent making it seem likethe Mexicans lack ambition or gumption and have weak character.   The presenters of Top Gear have used language to perpetuatedifferent gender stereotypes. During an episode when the three presenters weretalking about the all new Jaguar, specifically the Bluetooth system of theJaguar. Jaguar had named the blue tooth phone pairing “mating a phone” and thisinstantly triggered the three presenters to have a discussion about this ratherinteresting topic and make jokes about this. The presenters then startedreferring the dashboard of the Jaguar and the phone as farm animals by thensaying that “wait for the lady cow to be on heat before sticking the bull in.”Then the presenters further commented on this by saying that “How would youknow when the dashboard was on its period?” the lead presenter Jeremy Clarksonresponded by saying “Because the SAT-NAV would lose its temper for no reason.”Considering the fact that these three presenters were all males and everyclearly do not at all care speaking out their minds, it would not be a surpriseof them to make jokes and sexist comments about the opposite sex and how theyreact during their period.

These comments had different impacts on theaudiences. In most cases, the male audience would have a laugh about this andthink it is funny hence thinking it is something okay to make sexist commentstowards women not knowing that he female audience of Top Gear are offended bythese comments and jokes as they are saying that women who are on their periodare considered atrabilious, short and bad tempered.In conclusion, Top gear is a largely viewed show world- wideand one of the primary reasons of this is due to their sense of humor and thekind of insensitive jokes that are made. Although, the comments and jokes thatare made by the presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May areoffensive and their use of language has been used to persuade their diverseaudience and to manipulate their opinions about different races, culture andsexual orientation despite the fact that even some of their viewers will laughat some of the stereotypical jokes made by the three presenters. The jokes madeby Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are clearly offensive todifferent cultures, racial groups, genders and sexual orientation. Even thoughthe main reason they do this is just for comedy, it is very insensitive of themand its terrible that this is what is world-wide television for everyone tosee.              


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