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Following the introduction of what documentary film is, this section will discuss the effects of social media on documentary filming. According to Batie (2004) Robert Flaherty directed a documentary, ‘Nanook of the North’, a film based on the day to day activities carried out by Inuit people. In order to release this documentary Flaherty Approached several distributers, however, the former was unable to find a company which would accept the work. However, after an extensive period of exploration Flaherty was able to locate a french distribution company who agreed on releasing the movie under their banner.

The film maker had to face a lot of difficulties in order to release the film. According to a research carried out by Aufderheide, Jaszi and Chandra the ‘creative artists’, as referred by the documentarians are almost forced to multiply the productivity and cut the cost (Nisbet and Aufderheide, 2009). Hence, it is  argued that in this era of technology, internet and social media sites such as youtube has helped the filmmakers to direct the movie in the format which is most viewed by people, globally (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014). On one hand it has made it economical, easy and personal (Nime, 2012).

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The author also states that social media also acts as a platform for filmmakers in order to raise funds to release a film online. Sites such as Boracy, InieGoGO, kickstarter and Massify could act as what is known as  ‘crowd funding’ or ‘tribe funding’ platform, where people who are interested in the topic the filmmaker is trying to create a visual interpretation of the debate can help interns of voluntarily providing with funds (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014).  However, on the other hand in order to make the previous statement hold true, it may be essential to adapt to the changes and gain the specific expertise which the industry demands (Nime, 2017). Therefore, due to these issues it is said that producing revenues  through a documentary can be very challenging due to the continuous multiplication of the online portfolio in the respective field. Social media websites have provided people with direct platforms in order to provide a criticism from the viewer (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014).



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