2. can attain higher achievements and then

2. A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

Nature has bestowed man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It’s the result of this eagerness to know that we are enjoying so many boons of science of present. But this urge to explore and to know more is usually hampered by our laziness and feeling of self-sufficiency.

Knowledge is desirable and should be achieved at any cost. But a little knowledge is certainly as good as having no knowledge. People with a little knowledge keep parading their knowledge.

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But a real knowledgeable man needs no praise and superficiality. Although it’s a common practice nowadays, to create much ado about nothing, yet we should always keep in mind that they are the empty vessels, which make much noise. Minds full of knowledge never try to show off. A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing if it is accompanied by self- complacence. But if it’s tinged with a desire to learn more, then man can attain higher achievements and then even sky will be no limit.


A Visit to Present Day Punjab

Recently, I went to Amritsar and Jalandhar during my school holidays, to meet my aunt, whom I had not seen for a long time. This visit made me realize that there had been tremendous changes since I visited Punjab last. Due to terrorist activities throughout Punjab, every community is completely nervous.

After sunset, most of the people confine themselves to their houses. Almost all of them are caught in the horns of dilemma whether to leave Punjab—a loving state where they have been living for years. The shadow of an unknown terror haunts everybody. The most surprising thing is that the communal feeling, which is supposed to be the root cause of all this tumult, is not so strongly present.

It becomes very clear that this aura of never ending terror has been created by the selfish politicians and fanatic religious preachers. Everyday, at some place or the other, there is either a bomb blast or some gruesome incident of massacre. The grave situation has compelled the Central Government to impose Presidents rule in Punjab. But the problem has not yet been solved.

The whole situation is messed up and the common man is the ultimate victim. Yet the thing to be noticed is that the deep belief in life which is the hallmark of the Punjabi people has not yet disappeared. They are ready to help, to fight and to begin afresh. This is the only tinge of hope in the strained atmosphere of Punjab.


Terrorism—A Stigma on Humanity

Terrorism can be defined as the means used by some desperate elements to express their protest or bargain for their needs. A fear and panic is created in the mind of public. It does not follow any predictable sequence or time element or even the place_ of occurrence.

In its recent- origin, it could be traced to the Khalid episode when the terrorists had hijacked a plane and held the hostages at gunpoint to get their demand fulfilled. But now terrorism has become an international phenomenon. Terrorists in fact have no defined ideology. The reasons of terrorism can be socio­political dissatisfaction.

But now terrorism has reached the stage of frenzy. Some political powers brainwash the dissatisfied elements and cause violence, bloodshed and destruction in the country. These people do not realize that killing innocent people will not bring solution to the problem. The powerful feelings of democracy and freedom throughout the world have shown at large that power does not lie in the barrel of the gun. It lies in the hearts and minds of people.

Terrorism cannot be curbed simply by the reactionary violence that is followed by the police. The root cause of terrorism should be identified. Efforts should be made to reduce the income inequalities eliminate, unemployment etc. so that young people may not be drawn towards it. Rich, healthy and violence free entertainment should be fed to the masses. An international forum should be formed to solve this grievous problem so that man could become more human than animal.

5. The Day I Can Never Forget

Days are different.

Some bring good luck and others herald bad luck. One day in my life rises above the rest. It was a day of good luck for our family. Evening had descended and we had not eaten any thing that day. My father, the only earning member of the family, had been confined to bed for the last two months. My mother had sold out everything to save my father. I started cursing God and my mother started crying. My father looked weak and desperate.

At that critical moment someone knocked at the door. As I opened it, a man smiled and said “Congratulations”. He pushed me aside and went in. He approached my parents and said, “Congratulations! Your son has won a lottery prize of one lakh!” It was then I realised that I had bought a lottery ticket the previous week only. The period of two months of hard days and poverty had ended. The era of prosperity lay ahead. Strange are the ways of God! A moment of that day changed the whole course of my life.

Who can forget such a day?


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