Five a short guide promoting your own first

Five Step Guide to Selling Online on Amazon India


clients making their purchases online, the new startup are now shifting their
business to online, so that they can get huge audience with high purchasing

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Amazon is the
ideal place to begin selling your products. Amazon being the pioneer in the
online retail area.

This is a
short guide promoting your own first product on Amazon India using the powerful
and efficient trade. Amazon India provides a comprehensive platform for vendors
from distant cities in India to achieve pan-India.


an Amazon Seller Account


Creating your
vendor account is simple. All you have to do is input your Company entity name,
contact number, address, VAT or CST registration info along with all the
essential bank account details.


List your products


Now that you
have your accounts prepared, make a list of all the items that you want to
showcase on Amazon.

Amazon has a
huge number of present catalogues categorizing products from the title of the
content, color, product variant, dimensions etc. and when your product falls
into one of those categories, you’re able to directly list your product in that
specific catalog. But if your product is completely fresh and does not have a
current catalog, then you will have to make a new product list.

Amazon has an
extremely efficient staff who can help you produce a high quality catalogue to
ensure your product have the ideal description, user-friendly speech and
effortless reach so that you are in possession of a legitimate trade.


 Make Live Your Products


Now your
product is live on Amazon. Crores of clients are now able to see, add it to
their own wish list and buy your product. From time to time, your goods may not
obtain the expected variety of impressions or clicks, and among those reasons
might be due to the broken descriptions that go together with your product. You
could always return to your dashboard and create as many edits you want and
publish it again.

You can always
have a close look to your dashboard to add more product list, promote exactly
the same, manage/ship your orders.


4.      Don’t worry Amazon does all of
the job

Amazon creates
a note of all of your orders though your previously powered Amazon easy ship
facility. They pick up and send your products and look after logistics and
customer services. It’s an end-to-end shipping service for vendors. You may
just concentrate on your business while Amazon does all of the heavy lifting.


The service comprises –


Pick up from the doorstep

Manage returns and respond to buyers

Cash On Delivery (COD) payments


Amazon has
also introduced FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), which lets you save your products,
then select, pack and send your products around India. This FBA service makes
it possible to gain all of the storage and fulfillment facilties, quick
delivery choices and trustworthy customer services. There’s is no initial fee
for this service and only a flexible ‘Pay as you go’ scheme based upon your


Your Company with Amazon


deposits your payments into your bank account in a week (7 days) from the date
of shipping, just after the purchase is made and you get the payment from the


There are a
number of charges which the seller has to pay Amazon like referral fee, fixed
closing commission, sending price and shipping support fee.


Amazon cares
about your company and they ship customized tip and tricks to boost your
company for much better performance. They’ve an inbuilt team who keeps a track
of your dashboard and deliver you a personalized report periodically to improve
your performance.




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