First house of Orange from being heads

First before you move your company here you should know some background of the country.

The flag of the Netherlands is Red, White and Blue horizontal lines. It has been recognized and honored by the French as it is the “colours of liberty”. The history of the flag is a short one, in the 16th century William I who at the time was the price of orange, became the leader of the independence movement for the dutch and the flag he made was based on his family’s coat of arms being orange white and blue. But in 1660 the flag was changed, the orange became red, this is because in 1654 a defense treaty between the Dutch and the English,  excluded members of the house of Orange from being heads of state in the Netherlands. We are small country that is located in northwestern Europe off of the North Sea, it has a landscape of canals and tulip fields. Just about 50% of the country’s land is below sea level.

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The country is mostly a flat one with its highest point being at 321 metres.  The population of the Netherlands as of Friday December 1, 2018 is 17,056,248, this is about 0.23% of the total world’s population. Which ranks them number 67 in the world in terms of population. The population density of the country is 505 per km and the total km is 33,720.

The yearly population growth is 0.28% this is due to the country being so small that it is running out of room and also the the country is more a older generation. The median age of the population is 42.3 years which is great for your workforce.  Even though everyone thinks of netherlands as a great big nation it’s are really not that big the country is a very small one, that canada is 240 times bigger than it. Netherlands is only about 41,543 sq km and canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km. The religion is very similar to canada the main religion in the Netherlands is actually no religion at all 50.

1% of the population is non-religious, with christians being 43.8%, catholics 23.7% protestants 15.5%, other christians 4.6% ,isiam 4.

9% and others like judaism, buddhism and hinduism being 1.1%.  Most of the Dutch speak at least one foreign language, but dutch is the main language that the people of Netherlands speak and is the official language. English is taught at school so most of the country knows it. Many also speak German and some of them speak French. In the North of people speak a Frisian dialect.

Also the Muslim population speak  Turkish or Arabic. Ethnic groups in the netherlands goes like this, just over 81,7% of the population is  Dutch, then with 18.3% being other, 9% of  are non-western origin mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese and Indonesians


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