First elevation, compression and ice. Proper warm up

First I would like to briefly cover what is an acute injury.  An acute injury is an injury that happens
during an actions during any type of sport or physical active. Which would
cause some type of strain or sprang on either a muscle or tendon.

When it comes to and specific injury I will cover Achilles Tendonitis in football players. This come
from overuse and the constant change of direction and expositive burst of
power. The symptoms can been seen as pain, inflammation and potential degeneration
of the tendon at the rear of the ankle. It can been seen in different way, one
of which is Noninsertional
Achilles Tendinitis. Which is when the tendon has fiber that begin to break
down in the middle portion of the tendon. Which can lead to swelling, and thickening
of the tendon and the area itself. This
happening in the middle
portion of the tendon tend to more commonly affects younger, active
people.  The other way it can be seen is Insertional Achilles
Tendinitis. Which involves the lower portion of the heel, where the tendon
attaches or inserts to the heel
bone. When dealing
with both insertional and noninsertional Achilles tendinitis, tendon fibers that are damaged may calcify or harden. Bone spurs or extra bone growth often form
with insertional Achilles tendinitis. When tendinitis affects the insertion of the tendon it can
occur at any time, even in people that are not active. More often though it comes from years of overuse as seen in most long distance
runners, and sprinters.

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The best way to
treat the injury is rest, elevation, compression and ice. Proper warm up and stretch
will avoid and reduce chance of this injury since having a tight calve can
affect the function of the tendon and over stretch the tendon being that it is attached
muscle connected to it is pulling on it in an excessive manner. If it were to
be more serious and it became a complete break it would most likely require a
more serious approach like surgery. So we now that this injury mostly come for
over use and the improper warming up or stretching of that affected area.
Although I spoke about this injury in relation to football you can easily see
how it can relate to other sports.


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