Fire solutions through our association with Honeywell. Our

Fire Alarm System Firesthat start and develop unnoticed can pose serious danger to people andworkplace, therefore it is imperative to install a fire alarm system in orderto prevent life-threatening situations and damage of industrial materials or equipment’s.Thesystem detects fire, carbon monoxide, heat or other particles of combustion.

Italerts the control panel and an action is undertaken. Ourfire alarm system monitors and controls the alarm through microprocessors andsystem software. We provide stability, enhanced maintenance with our reliablefire detectors. Our product range is broad and all the products are extensivelytested before delivery.  We deliver youbest safety solutions through our association with Honeywell.

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Ourfire safety solution are as follows: ·       Fixed Heat Detector with ES Detect The detector has semiconductorssensors which are fast and are able to reliably detects fire of distinctiveheat. ·       Rate of Rise Detector ES DetectIt is a fast semiconductor sensorthat is able to detect fires with rapid temperature rise. It carries functionslike automatic function self test, data storage of alarm and operations, alarmdisplay.  ·       Optical Smoke Detectors ES Detect It’s a scattered smoke detectorthat detects fire quickly, the fire detector consists of automatic self-test& environmental adaption, alarm storage etc.` ·       OT blue Multisensory detector ES Detect The multisensory has combined functionsof optical smoke and heat sensor.

  It isprimilary used for detection of open fires, and high heat fires.  ·       O2T Multisensor detector ES Detect This sensor carries two opticalscattered sensors, it has excellent detection properties and is also able todetect test fires.  ·       OpticalSmoke Detector Detect ES with relay contact, 48 V DC operationThis detector can operate withoutsetting a connection to the fire alarm control panel.  ·       Detectorbase with relay output for ES Detect  It is a floating normally open or normallyclosed detector, generally suited for 48 V DC operations.

 The fire alarm systems detect reliably, it is easilyadaptable to environmental changes and is cost effective.  Thehardware and software development of our products is extensive, reliable andsmart.  We are valued for delivering highquality products at a competitive price. We also offer clients annualmaintenance contracts services for different industries.  


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