Film director Tim Burton has successfully created over 30 movies all of which have an eerie twist to them. All of his movies keep the audience glued to the screen with his expert use of cinematic techniques like flashbacks, non-diegetic sound, and high key lighting. One cinematic technique that Tim Burton successfully uses is flashbacks. This editing technique allows the audience to understand the characters deeper and provide insightful information to have a better understand the purpose of scenes or character’s actions.

For example, in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ate we provides the viewers with a better understanding of why Mr. Wonka decided to build a huge chocolate factory. By using the technique of a flashback the audience can see that Willie built the factory to make up for the childhood he is the act of the Headless HHorseman From there sitting in front of the warm crackling fire he his capabilities. This flashback also foreshadows the actions of the Headless HHorseManand shows what Ichabod is up against and leaves the audience and Ichabod in fear of the notorious murderer. Another incredible EFFECTIVE cinematic technique Tim Burton exercises is high key lighting. This form of lighting creates a bright and cheerful looking scene providing the audience with the sense of happiness and lightheartedness. For instance, in the fantastic movie “Alice N’ Wonderland” Burton presents the two queen’s kingdoms as being appearance, and her dainty personality while her castle in low key lighting, which shows that she rules with fear and terror and provides the feeling This also shows the difference between Emily’s and Victor’s domineer. While Emily Non-diegetic sound is another cinematic technique that Tim Burton masters.

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Non-diegetic sound is sound starts its volume picking up with every step closer. This creates the effect of isolation and vulnerability as he is riding for a while before he reaches the small village and anything can happen out there in the dark and anything can be lurking in the shadows. As the music picks up, a sense of suspense and mystery washes over the is suddenly woken up by this shot is to make the audience sit on the edge of their seat in suspense. It also makes the viewer wonder what will happen to Coralline if she decides to follow her curiosity.


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