Figure screen device(s). MyTeleDoc communication application icon 509

Figure5 is a collection 500 of mobile/laptop/desktop devices graphical userinterfaces (GUIs) of user version of the MyTeleDoc application illustratinga sample application of the MyTeleDoc application according to an embodiment ofthe invention described herein. It should be noted that figures in collection 500are for illustrative purpose only, and that additional arrangements andfunctionalities can be incorporated without diverging from this concept of thepresent invention.In collection 500, for example a mobile device(smartphone, tablet or laptop) 502 ora desktop, can provide access to the to the MyTeleDoc app via a MyTeleDocapplication icon 509. The mobiledevice can be an APPLE, GALAXY, BLACKBERRY, MOTOROLA or any other manufacturers’device(s), with the application fully compatible in running with any operationsystem, including but not limited to iOS and Android.  The mobile device(s) 502 can include a display area 504and an input mechanism 506, which inthis example are one-and-the same. That is, the display area 504 of a mobile device 502 can also be used as the inputmechanism 506, for example, on atouch screen device(s).

MyTeleDoc communicationapplication icon 509 can bepresented in addition to other program icon 508, representing other software applications and/or servicesinstalled upon the mobile device 502.Selection of the MyTeleDoc application icon 509 using the input mechanism 506to launch the MyTeleDoc communication application 509 can result in the display of the main menu 510.The main menu 510 can present the user withhigh-level menu options 512. Asshown in this example, the menu options prompt the user to either sign up(register) 515 or sign in (existinguser) 516 (order of buttons may bereversed for illustration purposes). Aforgot password 517 button may beadded below, giving the user 112 anability to change their password.

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A user 112may also be requested to enter their email address or answer a preconfiguredquestion and an email will be sent to their email address with instructions tochange password. Other features onthis display area 504 of this screencan include company name/logo 513and company slogan 514. Theapplication features listed above are for illustration purposes, and thatadditional configurations and functionalities can be incorporated withoutdiverging from this embodiment of the present invention.

A new userclicks (selects) sign up button 515 usingthe input mechanism 506, and MyTeleDoc application 509 can result in the display of the MyTeleDocApplication ‘user registration’ interface 520. The display area 504 of this screen may also havecompany name/logo 513. The user canuse the input mechanism 506 on the MyTeleDocapplication ‘user registration interface’520 to add their personalinformation in data fields 522;including but not limited to, email address, date of birth, address, password,etc.

Additional feature including, but not limited to, agreement to the MyTeleDocterms and conditions 523 may beadded. After the user has filled in all the required field, the ‘Create Account’ button 525 may activate in the display area 504, allowing the user to click andsubmit their registration. Clicking the ‘CreateButton’ can result in display of the MyTeleDoc application ‘completed registration’ interface 526. In MyTeleDocapplication ‘completed registration’interface 526, the display area 504 may include, as in this embodiment,the company name/logo 513 and aprompt that states “Thank you forregistering” 528.

The user maythen be requested to register with MozartMD or another EMR system 529, so his/her medical history is onfile to reduce time cost and improve efficiency. After the user clicks on theMozartMD (or another EMR) icon 529,they may be directed to MozartMD site or another EMR form or website tocomplete the necessary forms.Figure5B demonstrates the functionality of the MyTeleDoc when areturning user clicks (selects) sign in button 516, and MyTeleDoc application can result in the display of the MyTeleDocapplication ‘service interface’ 540. The display area 504 of this screen may also have thecompany name/logo 513. Using theinput mechanism 506, MyTeleDocapplication ‘service interface’ 540 can allow a user to enter theirsymptoms or select a type of service needed 542. The image only shows “Symptoms/Service”,but this is for illustration purposes only.

Additional configurations andfunctionalities can be incorporated without diverging from this embodiment ofthe present invention. After the user has selected 543 the symptom/service, the ‘Submit’button 545 may activate in thedisplay area 504, allowing the userto click and submit the selected symptom/service 543.  Clicking the ‘Submit’ button can result in display ofthe MyTeleDoc ‘physician selection’ interface550.In the MyTeleDocapplication selection interface 550,the display area 504 may include, asin this embodiment, the company name/logo 513.Furthermore, variety of embodiments are considered, including display of listof physicians, photos of physician, cycling through physician photos/credentials,etc. 552. MyTeleDoc server 220 may select one physician 553 and may display (but not limitedto) the physician’s name, photo, credentials, ratings, etc.

555. The user may accept the selectedphysician or request a new one. If the user accepts the physician (by eithersliding or clicking the accept icon 558 usingthe input mechanism 506), the MyTeleDocapplication may display the physician ‘selected’interface 560 and the display area 504 may also include, as in thisembodiment, the company name/logo 513.The display area 504 may also have thephysician’s photo 561, name,appointment information, etc. 563.Furthermore, it may display a message (but not restricted to) 565, advising the user to wait forappointment confirmation.


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