Feminism in the 1800s in France. Until the

Feminism is a movement that supports the gender and sexual equality for women.  Women’s key focus is on things like education, pay rates, marriage and other personal attributes.  Feminist have theories and ideologies that help promote equality of the sexes.   In America, women are taught to reflect off the man.  Women have been taught that men are the superior gender and the head of the household but women apart of this movement wants it to be known that whatever men can do, women can do just as well.Historical Background of FeminismFeminism began in the 1800s in France.  Until the 19th century, gender equality was mostly written about but never practiced.  Campaigns such as the suffrage movement started to cause more change.  Today, feminism is much more extensive, but not generally accepted.Different Types of Feminism There are multiple types of feminism that exist.  The three main types are socialist feminism, reformist feminism, and separatist feminism and they all have their own motive on how feminism should be and what feminism is. Multi-Racial Feminism Multi-racial feminism is feminism based n the examination of dominance through understanding the social constructs of race, ethnicity, tradition, and culture.  The general goal for this type of feminism is to increase the awareness of commonalities and differences of women of all races. Critical Race Feminist Theory The critical race feminist theory based on society, power, laws, and interactions between races.  This movement started in the late 1900s due to critical legal laws and studies.  The critical race theory states that power of race and white supremacy showed be controlled in time.  They work to change the laws to fit racial issues and create better conditions.Black Feminism vs. Feminism Black feminists have a different approach on feminist of other races.  Being an African American in America is already different, try being a black woman.  You are judged based on how kinky your hair is, how plumped your lips are, and how dark your skin is.  Black feminism dispute that women of color are located within arrangements of power in different ways from white women.  White feminist criticized other feminists who do not acknowledge issues of intersectionality.  Activist like Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, believed that women deserved to be treated equally but women of feel as if they are already in the position where they must compete. A white woman is penalized by her gender but has the advantage of race. A black woman is disadvantaged by her gender and her race. A Latina lesbian experiences discrimination because of her ethnicity, her gender and her sexual orientation


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