Family: spines; carpus and ischium of pereiopod

Family:PandalidaeGenus:Heterocarpus A. Milne Edwards, 18814. Heterocarpus chani Li, 2006 CommonName: Indian nylon shrimp, Hump back nylonshrimp, Thakkali konchuSynonyms:NoneDistribution:Off Tablas Island, Indian Seas and KeiIslands.

In India, in the Arabian, China, Sea, Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea.Environment:Depth of 220 to 640m, deep sea species.Collection site: Sakthikulangara, Kalamukku, AzheekkalSpecimen examined: 46 females and 11 malesDescription:Colour of the body usually orange red -rose red, anterior rostral half whitish;rostral length 0.6-1.

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0 times as long as carapace; rostrum reaching beyondscaphocerite; dorsally armed with 7-10 (teeth including 4-5 teeth on carapace)posterior to orbital margin, ventral teeth with 10-16  along entire length but with distal 2-3 teethobscure. Moderately elevated rostral crest on carapace two lateral carinaepresent; postorbital carina extending posteriorly almost to posterior margin ofcarapace and distinctly recurved downwards at posterior end; telson with 4pairs of dorsolateral and 3 pairs of distal spines; branchiostegal carina sharpand extending posteriorly to 75-80% of carapace length; no spine on abdominaltergites, boss on third somite distinct and with lateral borders somewhatcarinate, width 0.2-0.3 and length 0.7-0.8 times long as somite; posteroventraltooth only on pleura IV and V. Maxilliped III with very short exopod, 0.

2-0.3times as long as antepenultimate segment; carpus  of pereiopod IV with  1-2 spines, merus with 1 distinct apicalspine and 10-13 lateral spines, ischium having 2 spines; carpus and ischium ofpereiopod III bearing 0-2 spines, merus with lateral spines 1-6 mesial and 10-15,propodus and  dactylus 0.2-0.4 times long.

Carpus of pereiopod V with 0-1 spines, 10-13 lateral spines on merus, no spineon ischium coloration. Remarks:Good fishery, caught along with H.woodmasoni.

Economicallly highly valuable.Original description:Li, X., 2006b. Additional pandaloid shrimps fromthe South     China Sea (Crustacea:Decapoda: Caridea), with description of one new species.

Raffles Bulletin ofZoology, 54: 361-372.


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