Falls, designer for some companies, which helped him

Falls, Montreal River’s author J. E. H. MacDonald was born in 1873 in Dunham, England, and in 1887 immigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, where began studying arts. In the beginning of his career, he worked as a designer for some companies, which helped him to develop his techniques. In 1911, after visiting a Scandinavian landscapes pictures exposition, he finally found his inspiration and started painting Canadian outlooks. In 1918, together with Lauren Harris and other artists, travelled to Algoma district in the northern area of Lake Superior. From this expedition several of his most acclaimed artworks where produced, such as Falls, Montreal River from 1920. In this year also, MacDonald and other six famous painters created the Group of Seven. He died in 1932 in Toronto. In 1933, the Art Gallery of Ontario acquired this 153 x 121.9cm painting that represents a scenario of nature on the Montreal River, with the fall, rocks, trees, surrounding mountains and the river subsequent course. Regardless he is considered to have the darkest pallet between the members of the Group of Seven, it does not make his work obscure, on the contrary, his work is profound and lifelike. In the picture, the viewer can perceive the rage of the waterfall, represented by the white bubbles formed by the river hitting the rocks on its way, and how the river gets smooth and calm when all the obstacles are overcome. The beginning of the new season is considered with all the tones of yellows and reds mixed with the remaining green of some persistent leaves, even though it is known that the summer is over. The colours in the painting are very vivid and clear, showing beautifulness and wonder, that echoes the passion the author had by the scenario he was painting and can be extended by the country as a whole. The painter believes that Canada as a good place to live and work, in spite of the challenges everyone is subjected to, which is reflected in this artwork. MacDonald’s work brings a feeling of admiration and continuity to the viewer and the idea that after the turbulence, comes calmness and light.




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