Evolution of society in the mi

The New Way of Thinking
The height of the Middle Ages signified a revolutionary way of thinking among the people. The people of the day were breaking out of the old, controlled lifestyle, to which they were accustomed, and they began expressing themselves in many different ways. The people began breaking out of the normal, monotonous lifestyle and they began becoming individuals. The women began taking on new roles. They became independent and lived on their own. The soldiers began losing their prestige, and their life drastically changed. The clergymen took on more of a secular role, which prompted a new way of thinking toward the church. During the Middle Ages, peoples ideas began changing, which prompted a whole new outlook on society.

The role of women drastically changed in the Middle Ages. Women became more independent. Society became more focused on money. So women also became very focused on money, going to bed with a nice young man and earning your first mina? And Im going to spend some of it right away to buy you a new necklace (Turner, p. 39). Women became interested in jewelry and clothes, youd soon be able to support me, and buy your own jewellery, and have lots of money and servants and gorgeous clothes (Turner, p. 39). Instead of women relying on men to subsidize their major needs, if women were unmarried or widowed, they began taking care of their own needs, When he died, I sold his hammer and tongs and anvil for two minas, and that kept us going for a while. Then I did various jobs like dressmaking and spinning and weaving, to scrape together enough for us to live on. But all the time I was struggling to
bring you up, this was what I was hoping for (Turner, p. 39). Women became fascinated with trying to keep the attention of men, even if it meant making them jealous, if he thinks someone rich is after you. Hell be more upset, and start offering you better terms. He wont want his rival to outbid him (Turner, p. 42). So women began taking on a more independent role. Their fascination with money and prestige grew, and they wanted the attention of men, no matter what the cost. The role of women in society drastically began changing in the Middle Ages and a new way of thinking towards women developed.
Not only did the role of women change, but also the role of the soldiers in the Middle Ages. The way that soldiers were perceived began to transform. In earlier times, soldiers were very prestigious and famous. However, during this time period, the prestige and fame of soldiers began to decline. They began to boast to others in order to bring some prestige back into their life, When we started fighting, the Persian drew first blood with his spear-but it was merely a scratch, just above the knee. I replied by driving my pike straight through his shield and into his chest. Then I leapt on him, and without the slightest trouble sliced off his head with my sword (Turner, p. 45). However, soldiers soon found that their boasts of great adventures disgusted people instead of intriguing them, Ugh! Get away from me, Leontichus! What a horrible disgusting story! If you enjoy killing people as much as that, I never want to see you again, let alone have drinks with you, or go to bed with you! I wont stay here a moment longer (Turner, p. 45). Women began viewing soldiers with abhorrence rather than admiration, What a disgusting brute you are! What are you doing on this street, hanging on that door
(Honig, p. 80). While women were gaining independence, soldiers were losing their fame and prominence.
During the Middle Ages, the clergymen gained a whole new way of thinking. Clergymen gained a new secular way of thinking and outlook on life. Clergymen became outspoken and opinionated. They began marrying or living with women. In this manner, their life became very secular. Clergymen became very outspoken and often times cruel, Youd have to do a lot of smashing to make anything look as smashed as those clothes of yours (Honig, p. 77). The clergymen even sullied the name of individuals, he called me dirty, brazen, shameless, and indecent-and other bad names like that. And all because hes jealous of that soldier (Honig, p. 86). To be considered men of God, the clergymen lived a very secular, brazen life. In earlier times, clergymen were forbidden to marry. However, during the Middle Ages, clergymen began marrying like commoners, In me you get a musician, Cristina, though only at church bells. In decorating a tomb or fixing up the church for solemn holidays, theres not a better sacristan anywhere. And I can still perform those jobs after Im married, and make a princely living at it (Honig, p. 88). The clergymen of the Middle Ages gained a new way of secular thinking, as well as a new open lifestyle during the Middle Ages.

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The Middle Ages was a great time of change. The society as a whole and the economic structure began to shift. Women became interested in independence, money, and the attention of men; whereas, the great soldiers of earlier times began losing their fame and glory; while the clergymen began living an outspoken, opinionated lifestyle. This secular lifestyle of the clergymen also included the sacred bond of marriage, which
clergymen were previously never allowed to enter. Society as a whole developed new ways of thinking. This new way of thinking was a basis for the development towards todays society. The Middle Ages was a period of growth and change. Many great thoughts and ideas were achieved during the Middle Ages. Without these ideas, changes and new ways of thinking, society today could be completely different.


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