Ever leaders of our small barangays be forewarned,

Ever wonder if the most
consumed staple called Rice, is sufficing the growing number of your
neighborhood, barangay, or municipality? What steps do the authorities make to
ensure the sufficiency? when there is a problem in the sufficiency of Rice,
there would be an economic disruption. Economic exchange is troubled and the
target consumer is 100% affected, offering them limited supply with a high
cost. How does all of this attributes affects the food stability/security? LGU
or Local Government Unit is a part of the government which is said to be closest
to the people and is in charge of delivering basic services and facilities to
its constituents. 1 The Hierarchy which: The Barangays are under the
Municipalities, and each of them has their own divisions of departments,
specially Department of Agriculture who provides the details of the Rice cycles.
In our previous question how would simple local leaders of our small barangays
be forewarned, be informed of the state of their Rice Food Security? Ligao,
a municipality in Albay, having 55 barangays, a municipality that has a total
land area of 24,640 hectares, where 23.05 percent are fertile flatlands
suitable for planting and the 76.95 are mountainous terrains. The economy is
basically agricultural planting crops and etc. The municipality has also
reached the 7th most populous city/municipality on region V
averaging of 111,399 inhabitants. We
conducted a research about their awareness of their current Rice Sufficiency in
their municipality, and the response was: Less than of the barangays does access
these information, and barely of them knew of any data about these
sufficiencies, and rice statistics, Whereas the Municipality is supplied with
their own Department of Agriculture division of the state of their sufficiency
enabling them to make a decision on what move they’ll make in attaining
securing, ensuring this rice sufficiency state.

as researchers are urged that, we wanted not only for the municipality to have
access to this kind of information, but also the small units of the LGU
hierarchy, to be able to assess and analyze the Food Security of rice in each
of their own. Therefore, the researchers proposed the project: LGU RICE
will provide an analysis, and prediction of possible outcomes that will help
the said LGU’s in assessing the situation of Sufficiency and creating an
efficient decision to answer the Security of Rice. 

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