Entrepreneurship been dealing in fresh food and

  Entrepreneurship Blue Skies             Contents Introduction. 1 Depicting the different aspect of the business through Business Model Canvas; 2 Analysis of Business Canvas Model 5 SWOT analysis. 8 Conclusion.

9 References: 9                   IntroductionThispaper is mainly going to discuss the entrepreneurship venture and itsopportunities in the marketplace. Through choosing potential elements andcharacters, overall strength of the organization could be judged in anefficient way. A business model canvas has been used for judging the keypotential factors in the organizational procedure. Through this overallunderstanding of this model, significant evaluation could be obtained. Theorganization has been dealing in fresh food and the firm has been deliveringfresh fruits to different large supermarket chains of Europe. At this presentmoment, respective organization wants to implement their business in Ghana butthe owner of the firm faced huge challenges due to the new place.

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For thisreason, management of the organization must have to prepare a significantbusiness profile through which they could be able to gain a positive advantage inthe marketplace. By the help of this overall approach, a fruitful outcome couldbe obtained. Here, business organization Blue Skies wants to expand theirservices in Ghana and due to this reason, management must have to makestrategic alliances so that they could be able to run all sorts of activitiesin an appropriate and efficient manner.

By the help of this overall canvasmodel, a significant and suitable outcome could be evaluated. Through thisoverall understanding, management can get huge advantages in the marketplace. Here,in this paper, this aspect has been forecasted for gaining advantage in themarketplace. According to this overall canvas model, a fruitful overview on thewhole matter could be obtained in an easy and effective way. Depicting the differentaspect of the business through Business Model Canvas;Thispaper is showcasing the organizational condition and its expansion. Accordingto scholars and analytics, specific analysis would highly be needed for makingany kind of business expansion. Through this strategic tool, a fruitful andsignificant business expansion could be made in the marketplace. Here, theorganization Blue Skies wants to expand their services in the market of Ghanaand the firm has the strong value on fresh fruit selling.

They just want todeal with the framers so that they could be able to gain fresh fruits from themarketplace. Currently, the organization is having trouble due to poorrelationship with local vendors, farmers and distributors etc. For this reason,fruitful justification would highly be needed. It is expected that businessmodel canvas can enhance the organizational success. For this reason, here thatparticular element has been taken care of so that a fruitful and significantevaluation could be made. A specific template is there regarding the business canvasmodel. Through this model, management of Blue Skies could be able to forecastthe business possibilities and strength in the marketplace. By following thecanvas model, respective business should be expanded in the marketplace.

Thiscanvas Model of Blue Skies has been presented below in a detailed manner  Key Partners of the organization Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationship Customer Segments All the farmers belong to Ghana would have to be the target partners for the business process. Prime focus would be to negotiate with the farmers for gaining a collaborative advantage in the marketplace. Production of fresh foods and delivering it to the customers. Main goal of the organization is to deliver high quality value based service towards the customers. Fresh fruits from the Harvest.

Through this way, significant evaluation A strong customer relationship would be needed for the betterment of the organizational procedure. Through this process, significant evaluation could be done in an easy and effective manner. Before entering in the marketplace, significant segmentation of the market would highly be needed. The organization is mainly dealing in fresh foods and for this reason they could target all the age group of people.

Key Resources For managing this operational activity effective resources would highly be needed and those resources would be financial, human resources related resources. These resources would be helpful to judge all sorts of positive things in the organizational premises. Channels For executing the business process successfully, a positive retail based channel would be needed for managing all sorts of activities in an appropriate manner.

By making an appropriate channel, a significant evaluation could be obtained. Cost Structure: . The company will also necessarily have to invest in capital infrastructure  required for developing the entire supply chain platforms and also needs to incur the cost of seeds which needs to be provided to the farmers.

They also need to provide the cost of harvesting to the farmers. Revenue System: The primary source of the revenue would be from the selling of fresh harvest that it would produce. The revenue will be realized once the product are shipped to the wholesalers who will be the primary source of revenue of the company. Moreover, in order to obtain a better price of the product, the company will also directly sell to large retailers which will significantly enhance the revenue generation.   Social and environmental Cost: There is no such environmental cost as all the waste are biodegradable and can be easily converted into other bio degradable forms. So the company is indeed a carbon positive company (Dacin, Dacin, and Matear, 2010). There is no social cost as farmers will able to earn more as they will continuously gets orders for harvesting from the company. Social and environmental Benefit Since the waste are bio degradable in nature, it will help to create a sustainable environment as the company will not pollute the environment which create harm to the others.

Since the farmers will be get a contract with fixed benefits from the business model it would also enable the business model to be economically sustainable for the farmers and entire stakeholders in the supply chain of the company.  Analysis of BusinessCanvas ModelTheabove mentioned business model has been showcased for understanding the overallbusiness procedures of Blue Skies. The organization has been running asuccessful operation in Europe but the firm wants to expand their services inGhana and in that case respective management must have to forecast a successfulbusiness operation. Through this overall analysis and functionalities, it couldbe obtained and evaluated that Blue Skies could evaluate a successful businessoperation. By the help of this overall functionalities and activities, avaluable outcome could be obtained in the business premises. The analysis ofbusiness process could influence the operational fact of the business.

Byimplementing this canvas model, Blue Skies could target maximum number offarmers as well as customers. Prime goal of the organization is to target thefarmers of the Ghana and through this way they could be able to gain theirfaith and belief. By the help of this overall operational act, respectiveorganization can hold a strong valuation in the marketplace of Ghana.

On theother hand, people must find a place where they could get fresh harvestedfruits and they must have to be known that Blue Skies is the ideal platform forthem. By promoting business process among them a successful evaluation could beobtained (Muñoz, and Dimov, 2015).Primeproduct of the organization is the fresh fruits and that need to be promotedamong the people in an efficient and effective manner. Respective organizationhas huge faith on their services and all the things are driven through asuccessful value creation. As per the management of the organization, they havethe target to capitalize on the marketplace. By making a successful evaluationon the business process, a proper outcome could be obtained.

For expanding thebusiness in this new market, management must have to think for a fruitfulmarket where they can execute all sorts of operations in an appropriate way.Before making any kind of promotional approach, Blue Skies must have to knowthe distributors or farmers who have interest on their works. Through negotiatingwith them, Blue Skies could be able to execute all sorts of planning process.In this planning process, different aspects must have to be kept in mind.

Firstly,Blue Skies need to understand the resources would be needed for the businessexpansion. It is quite known to everyone that a business could successfully runby financial management, human resource management and supply chain managementetc. Here, all these elements must have to be maintained properly so that asuccessful outcome could be obtained in the marketplace.

By promoting all sortsof possibilities and business exposure, management can run business processsuccessfully. The organization needs to implement a fruitful promotional toolfor encouraging people present in the marketplace. Through implementing asuccessful business evaluation, significant outcome could be obtained. Here, avalue chain analysis has been made for justifying the whole issue and throughthis value chain analysis a fruitful outcome might be obtained.Throughthe above mentioned image, value chain factors analyzed by Porter could beunderstood.

On the basis of this factor, a fruitful outcome could be obtainedon this particular organization Blue Skies. Through this evaluation, it couldbe expected that Blue Skies might get help through this factorial analysis.First of all management of the organization must know the primary activitiesand support activities of the organization. By the virtue of primary activity,respective organization needs to concentrate on following aspects;·        As per inbound logistics,Blue Skies must have to find out farmers and distributors inside Ghana.·        Operations should have tobe designed as per the negotiation with the farmers and distributors.·        As the organizationspecially targets the nation Ghana, outbound logistics might not be effective,but management could bring experts from outside of nation.

·        Marketing and sales playsa valuable factor in the promotion of the business process. By doing suchthing, respective organization could promote the business among the people andthe farmers (Bocken, 2015).·        After doing themarketing, management could be able to know about the perception and thinkingof people. On the basis of that parameter they could design the businessprocess (Cohen,.

and Winn, 2007).Afterthe primary activities, management also needs to concentrate on the followingsupport activities;     A significantinfrastructure of business process would be needed as per the industryparameter and industry preferences.     Approximately 50 peoplewould be suitable at the initial point of operation. Through this manpower BlueSkies could be able to manage all sorts of activities in an efficient andeffective manner.

     For checking thefreshness of fruits, technological tools could be used in the business processand through this way authenticity could be measured.     Procurement of freshfruits would be highly effective and that should be done in an appropriate way.In this case, management of the organization must have to understand who theright people for doing the procurement process are.Throughthe above mentioned analysis, a successful and effective outcome could beobtained. By the help of this overall analysis, a successful outcome could beobtained in the marketplace.SWOT analysisSWOTanalysis is also a favorable tool for checking the organizational potential inthe marketplace. Through this way, a successful evaluation of an organizationcould be understood. Here, the organization Blue Skies wants to implement theirbusiness process in Ghana and for this reason they must need to check theirpotential factors so that they could be able to execute operations.

Here, SWOTanalysis of the overall organization has been presented in a detailed manner;Ø  Strength:Prime strength of the organization is itsstrong human capital. The business organization is in this field for a longperiod of time and the organization has strong hold in Europe and by executingthe business operation in Ghana, Blue Skies could attract large number of consumers.The staffs and employees are highly familiar with the overall process and theyknow the way to deliver fresh fruits towards the customers. Being a successfulbrand of the marketplace, respective organization could gain advantages. On theother hand, due to their long presence in the market, management couldsuccessfully implement huge capital. Through this way they could be able togain success in the marketplace. Ø  Weakness:Along with huge strength some weakness are also present.

One of the prime reasonsis the economic condition of Ghana and it is quite familiar to everyone thatGhana is not an economically potential nation and that might create problem forthe organization. The idea of providing fresh fruits is good but it would bevery hard to promote the service in the market. At the initial base, respectiveorganization might find very difficult to gain the distributors and right kindof farmers. Ø  Opportunities:Though there are some weaknesses are also present but still there are hugescopes present which would be good for the business process. The fresh marketof Ghana would be effective for the organization and it would be easy for themanagement to promote this innovative idea. Agricultural field of Ghana isquite good and that could make successful implementation of the businessprocess (TvaronaviÄ ienÄ, 2016).Ø  Threats:There are various positive aspects are present in the market which couldgenerate huge profit in the business process but some negative issues might notbe neglected.

Political powers of Ghana could impact on the business processand promotional cost for doing this business would be huge. Throughthe above mentioned aspects, different factors and potential issues associatedwith the process could be understood.ConclusionBythe help of this overall paper, business operations of Blue Skies could beunderstood and through this paper, overall summarized viewpoints of thebusiness expansion in Ghana could be analyzed. SWOT analysis helps to judge thepotential strength and weakness of the business process.

On the other handopportunities and threats in Ghana market also could be judged. Value chainanalysis helps to bring the supply chain management process in light. Businesscanvas shows a rough summary of the overall business valuation in themarketplace.  References:Bocken, N.M.

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