Ender On the flight, I could see earth

                 Ender Wiggins, a Launchie, hasdefied the odds and gone further than anyone in the Mind Game than anyone elsein Battle School History.

Ender Wiggins, from a family of geniuses, is new toBattle School. As a third child, he has faced manyhardships. Both of his older siblings, Peter and Valentine, were chosen to wearmonitors from the military, but were never selected to attend the school.

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“Hewore the monitor the longest out of all three of us. I was beginning to getworried for poor Ender because Peter would always pick on him. I honestlybelieve that Peter was probably jealous that Ender was more successful thanhim.

Even after his monitor was removed, Peter and other boys continued totorture him,” Valentine said.                 Enderrecounted his journey to the school. “I remember it like it was yesterday,”Wiggins sighed, “I remember seeing everyone and experiencing zero gravity. Onthe flight, I could see earth in the distance.” Ender did not realize how farthe facility was from planet Earth. Graff recalled one of his favorite pupilson the flight. “I remember seeing Ender.

He was so full of intelligence andpotential. Ender has an amazing ability to visualize gravitational effects,”Graff stated. Wiggins’s extensive knowledge and excellentwit was both brilliant and envious. His   intelligenceoften sparked conflict between him and other classmates. Upon arrival at BattleSchool, Enderbefriended few people. However, after a null-gravity drill, he becameacquainted with Alai, a fellow Launchie. The two shared brilliant minds. Alaihelped Ender fit in with his peers, and Ender shared his knowledge with Alai.

Ender was not  Launchies often have totake a long flight in space from Earth to reach the Battle School. acceptedby all. In the Salamander Army, Ender defied orders from Commander Bonzo. “I understandthat Ender is smart, but he is a disrespectful little Launchie who does notknow his place.

He is an awful subordinate who does not respect authority,”Bonzo explained. Some find Bonzo’s allegations difficult to believe. Amongthose is Dink Meeker, platoon leaderin the Rat Army. He gushed about Wiggins and his brilliance in battle.

        Staying true to his Launchie nature, Endermade sure to share his obtained knowledge with othernew students. This caused other, older classmates to resent him. Classmates ofWiggins reportedthat he was attacked by boys. However, Ender was able to fend for himself andended up beating up four of the attackers.

                Now, Ender is nine years old. Heis a platoon leader in the Phoenix Army, under the command of Petra Arkanian(whom he worked alongside in the Salamander Army). Many frequently attend histeaching sessions where he shares his battle strategies and tactics. He is oneof the most well-known and liked Launchies at Battle school right now.                 Enders peers are not the onlyones noticing his brilliance. Military leaders have seen his progress in theMind Game and are thoroughly impressed. Rumor has it that Ender has been in aslump lately.

However, after receiving a letter from his beloved sister,Valentine, he continued persevering in the Mind Game. “After getting thatletter, I was so excited,” Ender recalled, “Just the memory of her brought meso much joy. She really lifted my spirits and for that, I am so grateful.” Military commanders have openly expressedtheir pride in the star pupil.

They believe that Wiggins could play a key rolein the salvation of planet Earth. What do you think? Is Ender Wiggins ourticket to freedom from the buggers?


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