Education accomplished degrees. I know that I will


Education is a field in which I in fact believe that I can
leave my mark, as I truly care about the interests of the students who are
striving for academic success and those who yet have discovered that they too
can attain a higher education. As higher education administrators, we must keep
in mind our ultimate mission, which is to provide student’s access to higher
education and aid in earning accomplished degrees. I know that I will be an
even greater asset to higher education administration and ultimately, I can
contribute to the success of other young Latino males.

My love and passion for working with students became even
more solidified soon after becoming an Admissions and Outreach Counselor. I’ve
been given the responsibility of overseeing seven counties in Northern
California. It’s my job to make sure that I maximize my outreach efforts in my
territories and am able to assist students from these areas regarding the
admissions process. During this role, I’ve had the leadership opportunities of
handling our AB540 student residencies as well as our general appeals. I’ve
also managed our annual Chicano Latino Youth Project, Sacramento City College
Summer Academy and College: Making it Happen! I currently sit on our
Communications and Marketing Committee.

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It was a late Friday night, my mind was restless and I
couldn’t fall asleep. I was thinking of work, of all the interactions I had
with students that week, my mind was all over the place but I clearly remember
asking myself, “is this my career”? I started thinking of my childhood and
recognized that as far as I could remember I knew I was going to college.
Something clicked. Although I always knew I would go to college there were
significant people throughout my life that made sure I was always following
that path. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted a career in Higher
Education as a leader providing access for other minorities.

Working for more than two years as an Admissions and
Outreach Counselor at CSUS has strengthen my desire to return to academics and
pursue a degree in Education Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration
in Higher Education Leadership (HEL).

Shortly after graduating from CSUS with a Bachelor of
Science degree in Recreation Administration, I was offered a full time position
at the Student Service Center. As a Student Service Specialist, I was able to continue
working with students, which was a newly discovered passion. I initially had
found it rewarding working with students when I was a student assistant at the
Financial Aid Office. As a Student Service Specialist, I was able to expand my
financial aid knowledge and familiarize myself with the policies of the
Registrar’s Office. I recall noticing how there were different layers of
policies and thinking to myself how many students may not be aware of the
potential negative consequences until it was too late. It’s not until a student
has been denied to receive financial aid that they recognize how their Satisfactory
Academic Progress is vital in succeeding. Around this time I realized that I
was now a part of a new world – Higher Education.

I’ve been fortunate in working different jobs that have all
cultivated my passion for education and changing lives, one student at a time.
Eight years ago, I entered California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) as a
young man with the intention to pursue a career in professional sports. Yet,
during my time at CSUS I realized that higher education administration was the
career in which I saw myself excelling. I would like to obtain a Master’s
degree in higher education with my ultimate career goal of being an
administrator in student affairs.


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