Economic meaning of “new birth of freedom” brought

Economic and social differences among the
northern and southern states and the loss of power of the slave traders
together with the expansion and colonization of new territories resulted in a War
between the States of the Union and the Confederate States of America, which is
called as the Civil War. Even though, the Civil War brought many human losses
also it helped to give another meaning to the word of liberty as Abraham
Lincoln said at Gettysburg, ” a new birth of freedom.”  

The meaning of “new birth of freedom”
brought as important changes that had a big impact on American society. One of
the most important was the abolition of slavery in the United States,
promulgated through the Thirteenth Amendment where four million slaves achieved
the states of freedom. This led the right to the education for Africa American as
an illustrated the book The America Journey; A History of the United States by
David Goldfield, Carl Abbott, Virginia DE John, Jo Ann E, Peter H, William L Barney
where  ” blacks southerners went on to
one of the thirteen college establish by the American Missionary Association
and black and white churches. Between 1860 and 1880, more then 1000 black
southerners earned college degrees”(Goldfield, Abbott, DE John, E, H, Barney
356). Education was meaningful to Afro-Americans in their journey for civic
equality  “in 1866, Congress passed the
Southern Homestead Act, giving black people preferential access to public
lands” (358). Also, the church became an important aspect in the African
American society “it gave black people the opportunity to home skills in
self-government and administration that white-dominated society denied them”
(360). Others attributions to magnify the birth of the freedom were The
Fourteenth Amendment and The Fifteenth Amendment where every citizen won the
right to vote and be treated equally.

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This ideology of  “birth of new freedom” proclaimed
by Abraham Lincoln not only helped African-American community to fought slavery
and civil rights, but also defined America as the protector of human
rights.  According to the article “United States Key Role in Support of Human
Rights” by U.S. Embassy said that United States of America has “a long
record of positive international action on behalf of human rights.”  Some examples that stand out in this
protective fought for human rights implemented by The United States was ” the leadership
in decolonization, granting independence to the Philippines in 1946.”  Another example that we can point out is that
Unites State became a “leader in multilateral human rights and humanitarian
initiatives in Somalia, Sudan, Haiti, Bosnia, and other countries” (U.S

In today’s society, Americans have the freedom
to express their beliefs, thoughts, ideas and emotions in public notwithstanding
of their sex, race, color or nationality. This
ideology of ” new birth of freedom” is more than present in the daily life of
the American community. A good example of this freedom of expression is the
equal marriage in the article “Supreme
Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide” by Arianne de Vogue
and Jeremy Diamond point out that since ” June 26 of 2015 the court ruled
that states cannot ban same-sex marriage” (Vogue and Diamond) giving gay
their biggest victory in the fight of their rights.

In conclusion, Civil War left many
positive results in the struggle of the freedom we can say that it was the key
for the process of acquiring civil rights of African- American. Thanks to this
fight, today we can know the real meaning of liberty.


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