Each April, 1917 they attacked again. Four divisions

Each event in History is important but some weigh more than others. Each person has their different perspectives on what the most important events are in History. But in my perspective the three most significant defining moments in Canadian History are battle of Vimy Ridge, the Great Depression, and the persons case. The battle of Vimy Ridge was a WW1 battle fought in 1917 near Arras in northern France. The Germans army possessed this eight kilometre-long ridge, from there they could see the allied trenches for miles in any direction. Numerous times the allies tried to take it from the Germans but didn’t succeed. On 9 April, 1917 they attacked again. Four divisions of the Canadian corps attacked three divisions of the Germans 6th army defending the ridge. The Canadians had victory and won the battle on Easter Monday, 1917. It was the first time Canadians attacked as a national unit although it cost Canadians 10,602 casualties. During this battle Canada got a separate signature on the treaty of Versailles and four Canadian soldiers won the Victoria cross.  Overall, the battle of Vimy Ridge was the greatest allied victory in History receiving more land and saving more prisoners than any previous battle. The Great Depression was the great economic crisis that started after the U.S. stock market crash in Laza. Prices went down, people lost their jobs and became homeless. The depression worsened and there was increased taxes and tariffs. Many people started to blame the government leading to a new election. The new government than passed many new laws and programs to help people who were affected by the depression.  The persons case were five Alberta women who asked the Supreme Court of Canada to answer the question “does the word persons in section 24 of the British North America Act, 1967 include female persons?” The five women created a petition to ask this question. They sought to have women legally considered persons so that women could be appointed to the senate. The action was completed on August 27, 1927 and on April 24, 1928 Canada’s Supreme Court summarized it’s decision that women are not such “persons.” The persons case have led women to be able to vote in federal elections and receive the the right to stand for office in the House of Commons. Overall, battle of Vimy Ridge, the Great Depression, and the persons case have played major significant roles in Canada’s History, without these events Canada wouldn’t be the same nor would you and I. 


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