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During the end of the 19th century, Iraq was beginning to look a lot better. Hussein worked on Iraq’s infrastructure and his power. During his leadership, people did not get paid as much and took home very little money. They did receive cell phones, but the main purpose of the cell phones were for Hussein to hack them and know where his people are and what they are doing. He improved the physical condition of Iraq and maintained power at the same time. In 2003, American military made the effort to attack Iraq again. The Iraq military were not much of a fight so the American military easily defeated the military and captured Hussein. When Hussein was taken away, the citizens of Iraq had to fend for themselves. This is a problem because the citizens of Iraq have always depended on someone to save them and lend them a hand. Since the citizens of Iraq had no idea on what to do, which created some problems in the country. This event reveals a common idea between Germany and Iraq. Germany was devastated at the end of World War 1 and Iraq was devastated at the end of its eight year war. Both countries were facing major problems. The citizens of both countries did not know what to do and they both looked for a leader that would solve their problem and lead them into a better future. Hitler and Hussein took advantage of the citizens desperation’s and rose to power. Although Hitler and Hussein were smart in they way they got power, they were poor leaders. Hitler blamed the Jews for all the terrible things that the Germans went through after World War 1, and waged wars against them to eradicate them. Hussein focused on capturing Kuwait just because they would not let him buy oil for cheap prices. Germany was in trouble from the beginning due to World War 1 and Germany gets in more trouble because Hitler does not help the economy or the people, he just involves them in another war against the Jews. Iraq was already in trouble at the end of the eight year war against Iran and then Iraq gets in more trouble because Hussein uses his resources towards capturing a country for a simple reason. Both leaders had tremendous power but they used it for the wrong purposes which made things even for their countries. In conclusion, totalitarian regimes had different effects on different countries. Countries like Germany, Italy, Soviet Union, Iran etc suffered much more pain before the rise of totalitarianism and after. Countries like America were insulated from the rise of totalitarian regimes due to the fact that America did things very differently than other countries and focused on things that other countries did not focus on. America focused on building automobiles, creating jobs, improving education etc whereas Germany and other countries focused on revenge and wars which made them get into more trouble. The main reason why totalitarian regimes were formed in countries and caused so much harm is because of the fact that the citizens of those countries could not rely on themselves to solve their problems.


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