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During Elie Wiesel’s stay at the Buna concentration camp, Franek, the foreman, noticed the gold crown in Elie’s mouth. During this time, the golden crowns were sold for money and benefits, often taken from the prisoners inside the camps. Franek ordered Elie to give up his golden crown but Elie politely refused and stated that he can not eat without the tooth. But in little time, Elie quickly realized that his golden crown was listed into the register during medical checkups which could result in a major struggle for both his father and him. Franek tried to persuade Elie once more by threatening him with more punishment and struggle. Elie saw the once pleasant and intelligent young man transforming into a man with a greedy glint in his eyes. Unsure of what to do, Elie told Franek that he will ask his father for advice and Franek gave him one day to make a choice. After explaining his situation to his dad, Elie’s father decided that they should not give up the golden tooth. From hearing his, Elie began to feel anxiety over the revenge Franek would seek amongst them, but his father denied the statement and tells him that Franek would not dare. The time following their decision to keep to golden crown proved to be very consequential since Franek already knew Elie’s weakness: his father. Elie’s father had never served in the military and struggled time after time to march correctly. This presented Franek with the easy opportunity to torment him and “trash him savagely” on a daily basis. Elie’s father experienced great amounts of pain as Franek threw punches left and right. Elie decided to help his father by giving his father lessons in marching. They began to practice in front of their block. Other inmates made fun of them, saying things such as “Look at the little officer, teaching the old man to march…” Yet despite the efforts, the father did not make sufficient progress and the torment continued to rain on him. Over the course of two weeks, the father endured through the daily torture. And soon Elie could not just stand by and watch his father take so much pain, so he agreed to give up his golden crown. Franek began to boast about his win and told Elie that he waited too long so it would cost an extra ration of bread to pay the famous dentist, from Warsaw, to pull out the crown. Elie is outraged by Franek’s temerity to ask for an extra ration of bread and asked, “What? My ration of bread so that you can have my crown?” Franek answered by proposing another more violent method which consists of breaking Elie’s teeth out instead. That day, the dentist pulled Elie’s crown with a rusty spoon. Franek became pleasant again and even gave extra rations of soup to Elie and his father. But it was not long until all the Poles were transferred to another camp and Elie had lost his golden crown for nothing.


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