Due the glass allow the pavilions to effectively

Due to the placement of the work in the natural environment,
the reflections made in the glass allow the pavilions to effectively merge into
the surrounding rural landscape. The interruption of other buildings found in
the city is not an issue here, and the adjacent placement of the two pavilions
prevents the otherwise possible obstruction of one another’s reflections from
existing within their surfaces. When the viewer is reflected in the material, he/she
appears multiple times among the structure’s surroundings. This reduces the
sense of claustrophobia found within a small space and emphasises the desirable
qualities of infinite and immeasurable space. When the surrounding light allows
the façades to appear transparent, the onlooker is able to continue their view of
recurring space in the landscape. Graham is aiming to create a utopian image of
a more successful and satisfying city with reduced spatial limitations and the removal
of unequal, dominating positions of power determined by the architecture. He
states that the Two Adjacent Pavilions
‘are both emblematic of the power of the corporate city and help to dissolve
the city’s alienation effects’ (1999, p.175).

In Graham’s Two Adjacent Pavilions, Turrell’s Deer Shelter Skyspace and Mantegna’s Camera degli Sposi, the significance of the ceiling and its
influence on the final desired effect of the work is a common denominator. This
strongly contradicts Schmarsow’s disregard of the roof in terms of defining
architecture. The recent ability to view a city from the top floor of a
skyscraper has increased the prominence of the roof and ceiling in architecture.
We are now able to look down upon the roof of a building that horizontally
divides interior and exterior space, making this element of architecture more
significant than before. The perception that Turrell’s Skyspaces are covered with a transparent sheet of glass emphasises
these ideas and brings the relationship between Turrell and Graham’s work
closer together. This recent sense of division provided through the top and
bottom of a building as opposed to its sides would perhaps change Schmarsow’s
opinion of the roof of a building if he were alive today.  

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