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Dr Anthony Park initially did not have any interest in medicine until inhis 3rd year of undergraduate medicine, his passion eventually grew as hestudied the human physiology and had exposure to clinical settings as anintern. For him to believe that he had made a good career choice took manyyears.

His words took me by surprise because medical careers are perceived tobe almost a predestined career for a certain someone due to the nature of thecourse that is both physically and mentally draining. Even speaking for myself,I have had the passion for medicine since senior year of high school afterseeing my grandpa undergo many surgeries and treatments for pancreatic cancerlikewise to many other students who enter the field of medicine with the samementality. This made me realise that perhaps medicine can be a learnedprofession and it does not necessarily have to involve making a concretedecision before even taking a step into the relevant career pathway.

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   Alongside to the organisation’s value which is to provide a high-qualitycare to patients and their family, Dr Park further highlighted some of hisimportant responsibilities carried out during his typical day at work. Dr Parkstated as doctors, trust is given to them as they look after patients’ healthwhen they are most vulnerable and are unable to act for themselves. Thus,respecting one’s confidentiality and maintaining the trust between a doctor anda patient is crucial. This made me aware regarding the importance of keepingpatients’ confidentiality, a skill that I have entrusted myself over the yearsvolunteering at Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital.  I have also gained insight into Dr Park’s major highlight as a generalpractitioner working at a private practice. Dr Park mentioned being appreciatedby patients where they either verbally inform you or is suggested in theirgestures. Also, he discussed how important it is to follow up after a patienthas been treated as a component of palliative care and thus, it is vital thatdoctors do reach out to the patient as it is doctor’s duty to listen and takecare of them.  On the other side, some ofthe biggest challenges faced in the office include, meeting difficult patientswho are manipulative, aggressive and holding a sense of distrust in the wholefield of medicine, health and government.

Dr Park shed light on the differentways this problem could be combatted by building a relationship in order tocreate trust between the doctor and the patient. Like many occupations, meetingnew people is prevalent and I have learned that it is important to have a levelof sympathy to create more meaningful connections and to avoid dismissing theirside of the story by being attentive instead.    6.

A reflection onthe information interview experience. What have you learnt? Has this experiencechanged the way you would approach an organisation in the future? How does theinformation you have gathered help in your future career development?Through organising and conducting an information interview, it has givenme great insight into the lifestyle, experience, and challenges that a generalpractitioner specialising in family medicine faces. Benefits of the informationinterview included retrieving the first-hand experience as I investigated DrAnthony Park’s successful career and experience in regards to providing ahigh-quality care to the patient and their family at Tindale Family Practice.

From discussing the values of the Tindale Family Practice and whether DrPark also highly regards them as well, I have learnt the importance ofapproaching the right organisation by evaluating their morals and ethics. DrPark shared his experience in working at many hospitals varying from a publicto private and discussed the importance of the working environment. Whilst heencouraged work-life balance, he decided to stay at Tindale Family Practice ashe felt that he was being valued by both colleagues and patients in the Penrithcommunity. Dr Park also touched upon flexibility in both working hours andfinancially, where it prevented from any conflicts between people. Anotherreason being is that Tindale Family Practice is run with integrity and honestyand Dr Park experienced that some practices do cheat the system which goesagainst the hospital, doctors and nurses, patients and staff’s values. Dr Park also shared insight on the demand for people in this field.

Heexplained that the demand has come down immensely over the years, however, thecompetition is still evident with young and new family physicians still comingout. In response to that, I have asked if there are any ways you could standout in the midst of all the competition and he replied that some generalpractitioners are more popular than others and this is usually achieved bygoing beyond what is expected a doctor, such as showing that you care andfollowing up patients after they have been treated, also most importantlymaking them feel valued. This will especially helpin my future career development as I experiment working in different clinics todetermine which working environment suits my values the best and in order tobecome a successful general practitioner, that working the bare minimum willprevent you from further developing your career successfully.


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