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DPT 716 Clinical Reflections 1Krishna Pratyusha ParuchuriFall 2017            I am Krishna Pratyusha Paruchuri from first semester of post professional DPT program. The seven courses I have enrolled in fall 2017, made me understand how the knowledge and concepts of active learning and participation helped in applying concepts in clinical practice. Advanced strategies in teaching and learning helped me in learning the best strategies in presenting a lecture or presentation to the audience in an efficient manner. Some of those strategies are introducing the key points such as objectives, introduction, motivational hook, content boosters, and active learning such as games, quizzes or activities in the middle of the lecture to draw attention of the audience and to make the lecture interesting. clinical medicine course helped me in the clinical practice to understand and know the drug side effects and drug interactions while dealing with the patients with multiple conditions. Professional service course made me think, how participation in the professional meetings and conferences would benefit in long run to know what is going on with the rules regarding practice in physical therapy. The cultural competence lectures make me understand the cultural values and traditions of the patient, understand the attitude towards their health care system and explaining the patients and their care takers about the importance of assessment and treatment while conserving their beliefs.

Geriatric balance course is useful in understanding the clinical tools needed to screen for instability and to provide appropriate treatment intervention. The practical session was very useful in learning and applying the balance tests on the patients during practice. I have also learnt specific assessments to identify different impairments and functional limitations in elderly population.

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Differential diagnosis helped me gain the consistent way of screening the systemic diseases and medical conditions that can mimic neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. Geriatric patient practice made me understand the concepts and effects of normal aging on neuromuscular system in detail and applying them on older population with sensory and motor deficits.CI credentialing: I have learnt core values, value based behaviors for physical therapist and how to apply those morals while instructing a student in the clinical practice. From now, I will be more confident being a CI.

Also, I understand the effectiveness of communication skills, interpersonal relationships, instructional skills, and supervisory skills and how to apply them as a CI. “Ethics” taught me of being a professional and how it relates to physical therapy practice. Explore my own personal moral principles and discuss how it applies to their ethical decision-making as a professional. I got an opportunity to study and apply ethical concepts to my present and future practice in physical therapy.

It also plays a role in developing and utilizing a personal moral language that results in moral action.


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