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Does your baby experience difficulty in controlling his head even after three months? Does he have poor swallowing and sucking reflex? And even after several months, he is still not capable of walking? If your kid suffers form all of these, he might be suffering from cerebral palsy.

 What is cerebral palsy? It is a condition wherein a child suffers from inability to move some of the muscles in the body. This is due to the injury in some areas of the brain that controls the movement and muscle tone. The child with this impairment maybe clumsy or awkward, or in severe cases, he might not be able to walk because of the poor muscle tone. It can also be the cause of mental retardation. Cerebral palsy is incurable.

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Once your child has it, it is permanent and irreversible but the signs and symptoms can be treated. It depends upon the severity of the impairment. The cerebral palsy treatment is very complicated and more often, it involves multi-disciplinary approach. The cerebral palsy treatment can be easy without mental retardation, hearing loss and visual impairment.

The best cerebral palsy treatment is physical therapy. If your kid’s muscle is weak, your kid might need to do some specific exercises to prevent muscle atrophy because of lack of use. If your kid’s muscles are spastic, some treatments are also required to prevent the result of significant mobility losses. The physical therapy is done to improve motor development skills and coordination as well. As your kid grows older, he will need to undergo certain training such as behavioral and psychological therapy to be able to improve their coping skills and daily living activities. You can also improve your kid’s ability in speech, visualization and hearing as you let them take specific cerebral palsy treatment that focuses more on the development in these areas. Your kids will need to take medication to make the cerebral palsy treatment effective.

Most of the drugs that will be taken are like muscle relaxing drugs that is injected to relax some of the muscle groups temporarily. Some cerebral palsy patients have involuntary writhing movements so they need to take certain drugs to treat it. If your kid is suffering from seizure, your kid must take anti-seizure drugs to prevent it. Surgeries are also used as cerebral palsy treatment. These operations will make the short muscles to elongate as well as to reduce the numbers of nerves to lessen its spasticity. Brain implants and surgery are also proven effective cerebral palsy treatment.

You will need to ask your kid’s doctor about it.


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