Do Hitler’s reign. Adolf Hitler felt that

Do you know why the youth in Nazi Germany had a significant role in Nazi germany?The youth in Nazi Germany had a significant role in Nazi germany because,he felt the youth in Germany were vital to the future of the Third Reich also known as the 1000 year regime or empire which he felt that they would rule all of western Europe,other things that kids were taught in school was about anti-semitism and what to consider “aryan” and racially pure ,how the youth in Nazi germany were treated and taught during Adolf Hitler’s reign.    Adolf Hitler felt that the youth in Nazi Germany had a big role in Germany because he knew that the youth would be essential for his plan that her called the “Third Reich”.In order for his plan to be a success he needed to train the youth in training camps, like Little Fellow (Pimps) which trained boys 6 to 10 outdoor activities like hiking,rambling and camping.After the Little Fellows boys ages 10 to 13 joined German Young People (Deutsche Jungvolk) which taught them how to play many sports, but they had more of a military twist to them like marching,and parading,and they learned about “racial purity” (aryan) and about anti-semitism.Young men ages 14 to 21 joined Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend) and would get prepared to be soldiers for any future wars and battles.For the girls it was different because girls joined Young Maidens (Jung Made) which taught them about about good health and how to be a good mother and house-wife and they also learned about racial  purity and also about anti-semitism.Young women ages 14-21 joined the League of German Maidens where they further prepared to be mothers.

In 1933 youth groups were forcefully  put into Nazi Youth groups,and then the youth membership was just over 2 million.In schools kids were taught about anti-semitism and who to consider “aryan”.Anti-semitism is what they would tell the Germans opinions on how the Jewish would look fat, smelly, dirty, big noses. In German schools they taught the kids that they should consider themselves better than anything and everyone.In schools they would like to  show the children racist propaganda,and children’s books about how to identify the Jews and  how to treat them.

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The propaganda they used was to get them to see jews just the way that  Adolf Hitler has saw them as inferior or patristics. In 1933 the Nazi party got rid of all of the Jewish people in the school system and then deemed them unfit  to teach in any public or private schools.So in schools kids and any young adults with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair would be considered an aryan.The only way if you were disqualified and you were considered an aryan is if you were gay, Roman and or disabled for example if you could not walk, blind in one or both of your eyes, had an amputated arm or leg or any other thing that could slow you down.In order to do have all Nazi youth programs and regular german people to follow all the rules Hitler made laws also know by Nuremberg laws which told and taught everyone how to treat and how to look at the jewish people.

How were the boys and girls in Nazi germany treated during Hitler’s reign?The boys in Nazi germany were treated as young soldiers.For example they would treat them how to to hunt, kill and how to shoot. The boys were also taught how to camp and how to live outside for example during camping you learn how to sleep outside and how to track but you alo learn how to track, and build any kind of shelter depending on your surroundings.

Meanwhile the girls were taught households manners so they could care for the future generations of the  german people.In training camps they were taught good health like  how to cook and what to feed the children to keep them healthy.Women were also taught household management like how to clean like dusting and  sweeping and even sewing and knitting.Women were also taught first aid so they could help care for the children if they ever got hurt but most importantly they could help with nursing and first aid during wars  so they could help care for the wounded soldiers during and after battles.In conclusion,why do you think that the youth in Nazi germany were significant to the plan that Hitler had for Germany?Was it because they thought the youth were vital to the Third Reich or do you have any other reasons to believe that the youth were vital to Adolf Hitler’s plan?I believe it’s because Hitler felt that if he could not get the the youth in germany then he could not succeed in anything he had planned or wanted to plan.



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