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Do you ever experience pain in your back or eyes, urinate excessively at night, have muscles spasms or have trouble changing motions rapidly? Although your initial reaction may be to look past these manifestations, these traits could be huge danger signs also life threatening. Has it ever occurred to you that you might have Multiple Sclerosis ? A disease that affects thousands of people around the world. Almost everything you do relies on this system to function properly, from running to breathing or even playing video games. According to Mayo Clinic Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS disease is an incurable disease here the immune system attacks the central nervous system which consist of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve.

This causes the brain to be unable to send and receive information properly. Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can be very divergent. In this paper I will discuss the different types of Multiple Sclerosis, causes, symptoms and treatments of Multiple Sclerosis.       There are four different types of Multiple Sclerosis: Relapsing-Remitting (RRMS), Secondary Progressive (SPMS), Primary Progressive (PPMS), and Progressive-Relapsing (PRMS). Relapsing-Remitting is the most common form  of MS out of the four.

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People diagnosed with RRMS may get breakouts when experiencing new symptoms, this is called relapses. As stated on, “About 85% of people with MS are initially diagnosed with RRMS.” In Secondary-Progressive symptoms become more severe, some people may or may not experience breakouts in this form. Many who are diagnosed with RRMS will eventually graduate to SPMS. Primary-Progressive is not common. According to, ” PPMS occurs in about 10% of people with MS.

” Symptoms are severe from the beginning without relapses. Progressive-Relapsing MS is a unwonted form of MS . Symptoms severely worsen from beginning with little outbreak and show no signs of recovery.     Although the cause of MS disease is unknown, there are multiple things that could possibly increase the risk of getting it.

Smoking could increase the chances of having MS. People who have certain genes may also may be at risk. For example, if both of your parents have Multiple Sclerosis you could possibly have it to. Age, sex and race may also increase the risk of getting MS.

People mainly between the ages of twenty to fifty are commonly affected . Women are more likely to get MS than men and White people have a higher chance of developing MS than Africans, Asians or Natives. Some may get MS after having a virus infection such as: herpesvirus, arboviruses, coxsackieviruses, or echoviruses, all infections cause the immune system to stop working normally. This could increase the risk of getting MS. According to Webdm.

com, “The infection may trigger the disease or cause relapses. Scientists are studying the link between viruses and MS, but they don’t have a clear answer yet.” Leaving the cause for Multiple Sclerosis inconclusive.      The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are heterogeneous and vary person to person. The austerity of the symptoms can deviate depending on the location.

As said in What Is Multiple Sclerosis ? by Mitchell Moffit symptoms can range from muscle weakness, muscle spasms, fatigue, decreased muscle coordination, vision problems or even paralysis. Symptoms may also include: Conscious movement like talking or eating, Unconscious movement like swallowing,  pain when moving eyes, double vision, or lack of balance and coordination. Due to the symptoms being so diverse many people could have it without knowing.       Unfortunately there is no cure to Multiple Sclerosis.

Although there is no cure, medications such as: Corticosteroids, Cyclophosphamide, Intravenous immunoglobulin can be prescribed for RRMS. The medication will not cure the disease it will only decrease the amount of relapses and make them happen less often. While there are fewer options of  treatment for the other types of Multiple Sclerosis . Most doctors give medications to help specific symptoms or recommend therapy.       Creating awareness and making an effort to support funds for research of Multiple Sclerosis is important 


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