Directions: during the Revolutionary War and negotiating peace

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Attach a separate file for the money.JOHN ADAMSAccomplishments John Adams was a Founding Father of the United States who played a leading role in the American Revolution. By opposing the 1765 Stamp Act, advocating complete separation from Great Britain, being part of the Continental Congress and the committee responsible for the Declaration of Independence, administering the American war effort during the Revolutionary War and negotiating peace through the 1783 Treaty of Paris. John Adams served as the first Vice President  and second President of the United States leading his country through the Quasi-War with France. He was a leading member of the Continental Congress. John Adams was elected as representative of Massachusetts to the First Continental Congress.

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The Continental Congress was a group of officials from the Thirteen Colonies which became the governing body of U.S. during the American Revolution. Adams was an influential member of the congress and argued to be permanently separate from Britain. He nominated George Washington to be the commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. Adams helped negotiate the 1783 Treaty of Paris.  With John Jay and Benjamin Franklin, Adams played a very important role in negotiating the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which officially ended the American Revolutionary War. The British recognized U.

S. as a free, sovereign, and independent state and the other terms of the treaty were also exceedingly in favor of America. Though it was Franklin who played the most role in the negotiations, Adam’s stubborn temper was also important for achieving favorable terms.John Adams served as the first Vice President of United States for eight years during the time when george washington was president. In the United States first presidential election of 1796, the first contested American presidential election, John Adams barely defeated Thomas Jefferson by just a small amount of votes. He then became the second President of the United States and served for one term from 1797 to 1801. Making him technically the first elected president of the united states.Effects of AccomplishmentsJohn Adams accomplishments had a huge impact on the United States.

His accomplishments have made the United States independent as well as shape it into a great nation that is strong both politically and economically. For example while he was a member of congress he voted to be permanently separate from great Britain. Since he was very influential at the time others followed and the american revolution was brought into reality.

This was a huge political benefit for the country because due to his decissiona and others of congress. American no longer has to be in the shadows of great britain and they longer were subjects to a country which was on the other side of the world. His political influence did not just end there he later signed the Treaty of paris.

Which freed america from Great Britain making it a free sovereign nation. John Adams should definitely be on the U.S. currency because of his dedication and influence on the american government politically. For example he has done so much to help build america as well as help keep that the american democracy. His vote for the Revolutionary war has given us freedom from the British. Not only that but he ended the war by signing the treaty in paris. Even though Benjamin Franklin had been the only to do most of the negotiation.

John Adams was still there to keep his stubborn say into the meeting to make sure everything went as planned. His political life didn’t just end there. He later became the first elected president of the United States. As president he kept this young country together. He kept it away from being separated or becoming anything other than staying a democracy. There are many more American politician that are on currency but have not done nearly as much for the country. One example would be Abraham Lincoln who has put the nation into a civil war and almost 8 million Americans have died. He still made it on the $5 dollar bill.

This is definitely unfair to such a man like John Adams who pretty much has invested his entire life to helping and insuring his country. I believe John Adams service for his country should not be forgotten. We are one of the greatest nations in the world because of his service and we should honor his my putting him on the five dollar bill replacing Abraham Lincoln.Abigail Adams Abigail Adams is one of the most important women throughout american history and is known for being more than just the First Lady. Even though she was the wife of the second president of the United States, she had a much bigger impact on history than many other women. She was an advisor, self taught educated women, mother of a president as well as the first lady, she also fought for women’s rights when the country was at a very unstable position. For example, What made Abigail so unique was that she did not have a formal education.

She essentially taught herself and taught herself how to read. She is known for having an extensive library in the white house and would read many different works of literature. She understood the importance of education even though she herself did not have a formal education. She made sure that all of her children were educated. Which lead to her son being a president as well.

She well educated all her her children and made them into great citizens as well as ones to help and preserve the american beliefs and ways. Her son John Quincy adams was the 6th president of the United States. She was also very influential in making the lives of women better. It shows  clearly in the letters between her and her husband that she was looking to help women become more educated and to have more opportunities. She was for women having more equality and even felt that more attention need to be paid to the rights of women or a revolution would need to take place and she would fully support it. She being the first women decided to take advantage of her position and do something good for the country. In her position she decided to help women at the time and all women to come in this new the new country.

Her belief was that if women were not give the same rights as men there would be another revolution that would end in ways to hurt the country greatly. Due to her ideas and beliefs a revolution was avoided and her advice for her husband John Adams that made him make decisions that would better help our country and keep the democracy that our forefathers have fought so hard for.Effects of Accomplishments Abigail Adams accomplishment had affected the country in many ways. It gave a person like John Adams to make great decisions to help his country. Not only has she done alot for her country but she also fulfilled her duties as a woman at the time to better take care of her children and run things right. One of her major accomplishments was that she fought for women’s rights during a time when women were meant to only stay home, cook and clean, look after their children and keep their husbands happy. But Abigail had wanted to do greater and better things for her country.

She told her husband if women are not given equal rights after the war there would be another war because of the treatment of women as property. She also told him that he would be on that side of the war. In  order to avoid this abigail wanted her husband to make sure women have the same rights as men according to the constitution. Abigail Adams should definitely be on U.S. currency because she has made many sacrifices and done alot for her country. Being the first lady of a county can be a very influential position and she has used every single opportunity she’s had to better serve her country. As the first lady she gave great advice to her husband and also took care of her children into shaping them into model citizens.

Tah one of her sons was the president. Her stance on women’s rights was so great that she changed the way how women during that time were to be treated and many more to come. Her achievements make her one of the most influential women in history and we should honor her by putting her on our currency. This would change the way how america is known to be a country of men. This give women in this country to fight for what they believe in and let them know if Abigail Adams could achieve so much why can’t we.


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