“Democrats profit from their business. Is there something

“Democrats are attacking and the
Republicans are defending. All the Democrats have to do is promise what they
would do if they got in. But the Republicans have to promise what they would do
and then explain why they haven’t done it. ”

this quote from Will Rogers is over 80 years
old, it still holds truth today. It just
seems like no one in congress these days can get along. I know, Representative
Hurd, that you have been successful in writing several bills that have been
passed into law. What techniques did you use to get those bills passed
that other leaders could follow to better our nation?

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I live on a century old family farm. I
have hopes that one day one of my siblings or I might be able to successfully
run the farm. As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to understand that it is
possible that we might be forced to quit the family business due to excessive
taxes, regulations, and urban sprawl which makes the property value go up and,
in turn,  makes property taxes skyrocket. Maybe
the reason that farmers constitute a small fraction of the workforce, is
because it’s so hard for small farmers to profit from their business. Is there
something congress could do to limit taxes and regulations for young farmers
who are trying to get started? If there are no farmers to grow food, there will
be no food to feed the people of this country.

I know that you recently got a bill
passed that will update the the technology that the government uses and will
save taxpayers a lot of money. Do you think that it would be beneficial to implement
something like that for the rural areas of south Texas? I know from personal
experience that it is not easy to get fast internet access when you live in the

In two years, I’ll be graduating from high school
l}nd heading to college. As the third child of a farmer and a teacher, it’s
safe to say that they do not have money saved for my college education. My siblings are currently enrolled
in Texas universities and I have seen the amount of debt they have accumulated so far. I
feel the rising costs of higher education is getting out of hand and is making
kids (like me) of the middle class struggle with making the choice of going to
college versus entering the workforce right out of high school. Do you have a plan
to alleviate the rising costs of a 4-year degree?
Do you have any ideas on how to reduce
the high interest
rate on college loans? It seems the quality of the labor market in
America depends greatly on the education of our youth.

I appreciate your taking the time
to listen to my thoughts and questions. Maybe I will  catch you at the Dairy Queen and we can visit over a dipped cone.


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