Decision Darby did really about their worker safety.

Making of Sime Darby Plantation

Sime Darby Plantation has made several
decision making in order to achieve the goal of operationally efficient,
sustainable and competitive in the market. From our research, we found out that
Sime Darby did some decisions in their management such as strategic decisions
and tactical decisions.

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From the Youtube video upload by Amoza
Mumbai, we could see that Sime Darby did really about their worker safety. The
video starts with the safety briefing by the operational managers of the
company. The operational decided to brief every worker in order to ensure they
realise the risk and also the safety measures to be taken when harvesting the
oil palm. From part of the briefing, the operational manager said: “We should
always remain our helmet on the top of our head, because accident happen out of
the blue and with the helmet it could reduce the impact of oil pump hitting and
prevent any fatal accident.” The briefing might sound normal for all company
but Sime Darby insist to conduct the briefing every morning before the
employees going to harvest. Operational managers could just skip the briefing
session to save the time but he decides to brief them every day to ensure every
worker work in safety and the process of harvesting oil palm is running

After the briefing session end, every
employee need to go through some simple medical check up such as blood pressure
test and body temperature check up.  From
this we could see that Sime Darby did not only concentre about their
productivity of the company but also care about their worker health. From the
video , we could see that operational managers make the decision to follow the
progress of briefing and simple medical check up so every employee’s rights are



“Innovation is in our DNA. It’s a
deep-rooted business focus underpinned by our heritage in research and
development.” Sime Darby Plantation is leading the industry in agriculture
research and development since the early of 1900s.  By implementing rational model of decision
making, Sime Darby Plantation decide to adopt the Zero burning replanting
technique, first introduced commercially by their company in 1985. The zero
burning replanting technique proven to be the most environment-friendly replanting
technique and subsequently adopted as the industry standard in palm oil
replanting in all over the country.

What is Zero Burning Replanting
Technique? Zero Burning Replanting Technique is the way of felling and
shredding oil palm trees and leaving the remainder materials to decompose
naturally. Zero Burning Replanting offers operational and environmental
benefits as it allows complete return of organic matter to the soil. This helps
to preserve, restore and improve soil chemical and fertility as well as
physical properties of the soil. Compare to the slash and burn technique,
replanting could be done only after the burning process is over but with zero
burning replanting technique the replanting of tress as the new stands can be
done simultaneously after the felling and shredding process. Slash and burn
technique is completely affected during the wet weather while the new method
would not affect by any weather condition.

This technique could recycle up to
90-100 tonnes of organic matter per hectare. 
The technique implemented by the company is absolute as it saves the
environment. In 1992, Sime Darby Plantation was admitted into the United
Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Global 500 Roll of Honour for
Environmental Achievement during Rio Earth Summit for the development and
commercialisation of Zero Burning Replanting technique. From this, we could see
that the decision of Sime Darby to implement zero burning technique is a
rational decision making because it can accurately recognize all criteria
involved in the decision that it has made.

            In 2009, Sime Darby become the first
companies in the world to successfully sequence, assemble and annotate the oil
palm genome, called GenomeSelect™. What is GenomeSelect™ ? GenomeSelect™ is a
new oil palm breed developed through genomic selection and prediction process. When
it came to compare with the previous commercial offering, Calix 600, it has the
potential to deliver more oil yield improvements up to 15%. With this, Genome
Select Oil palm will enable Sime Darby to produce higher oil yields which
significantly equal to 50,000ha of new land, without having to increase our
planted hectarage. From this statement, we could see that Sime Darby Plantation
company implement creative model of decision making. Although Calix 600 was a
good enough for them to continue their business as the top in the industry, but
Sime Darby keeps innovate to develop oil palms with higher yields, reducing the
need for more land.

28 April 2017 – Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) became the first company in
Malaysia to win the coveted Edison Award, which recognised its initiative in
developing the GenomeSelect™ oil palm. Sime Darby Plantation awarded the Bronze
award for Sustainability, under the Energy & Sustainability category at the
2017 Edison Awards.

During the award ceremony in New York, USA ,
SDP Managing Director, Datuk Franki Anthony accepted the award and said :

“To be chosen for this prestigious
award among the best from 400 nominations received from around the world, by
3,000 panelists comprising the world’s top senior business executives,
academics, and innovation professionals, is a testament of our passion and
pursuit of continuous improvement in sustainable plantation practices.
Essentially, this has been one of the raisons d’etre of our foray into the oil
palm genome research, which made the Genome Select Oil Palm planting material a
reality in 2016,” 

In April 2017 Sime Darby Plantation (SDP) also launched PURAFEX, which is a high
quality animal feed ingredient, leading the company for its foray into the
animal feed business. PURAFEX is made from palm kernel expellers, a by-product
after palm kernels are crushed for their oil and which normally will be a waste
after the oil is taken. PURAFEX is produced by the development of Sime Darby
and Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB). From this statement we can see that Sime
Darby Plantation is implementing classical model of decision making. By
producing PURAFEX, Sime Darby decide to enter new market of animal feed

trials of PURAFEX have produced healthier lower fat content chicken. Compare to
other commercial feed, PURAFEX shown to be had a 3% lower mortality rate which
is much lower than the industry standard of 4 to 5. The decision that Sime
Darby made may minimize the total cost of poultry



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