December to take action on global warming.

December 12th, 2015, 196 representatives from the United Nations framework convention on climate change to take action on global warming. The ultimate goal is to reduce carbon input all over the world, and push for the end of increasing fossil fuels production.

The Paris Climate Agreement targets the rise of global climate rise of greenhouse gas emissions, and set sight on solutions for the future of the planet. China and United States participation is crucial since they are the top two percentages of carbon emission, China being 28%  and United States being at 15%. April 22nd, 2016 174 countries agreed to go forward with the agreement, and start making changes in their own legal system( ratification, approval, and adopting new policies). During negotiation, it was very important for all countries to corporate, because the changes starting in 2020 needs all the world to participate.

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One issue was that most of the developing countries does not have the money to participate, but European commission agreed to pledge money for this concerning cause. When the Paris agreement was being negotiated Obama was highly involved with the United States crucial participation since they are the number two most carbon producers in the world. When President Donald Trump became elected into office he thought differently,  June 1st, 2017 he announced the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. He states that ” The Paris accord will undermine the US economy, and put the U.S in permanent disadvantage”. This caused great distress between the UN and other countries. India’s prime minister had stated ” It would be a morally criminal act to not take part in this”. However the United States somewhat disagrees because governors of  California, New York, and Washington have pledged to go forward with the agreement to tend to their own states, eventually having the United States Climate Alliance.

The reaction was not diverse, mostly negative and disappointment towards Trump’s decision, creating protests within the United States and even more money from big businesses to the Paris Climate Agreement. Not only were many countries concerned and disappointed with Trump’s decision, but created a tension between the U.S allies and reconsideration. In the agreement, it stated that it was crucial that participation from everyone was the only way to get to the climate long term goals. The agreement has received much praise, because it was one of the first environmental issues that majority of the countries can agree is a rising issue. The support from China is huge, President Xi Jiping is hopeful for big change for less fossil fuels production, he expressed working with the agreement and French president Emmanuel Macron.

With the continuing process  of support from big businesses ( Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft), the financial support continues to grow to help the cause and developing countries. During the negotiation process, the countries noted the most important solutions including cutting fossil fuel production,  main role for low emission technologies, overall reaching a net zero carbon greenhouse gas emission. One of the biggest factors in the agreement that was highly recognized was transparency, holding all the countries accountable.

The future of the Paris Climate Agreement still is positively plausible, however the U.S backing out could be the number one thing to slow down all goal and changes. Shelagh Whitley, head of Programme, climate and energy stated ” Climate fiance is very important and the fact that the U.S will not fulfill its part is significant”. The praise and support has been escalating, and so has the objections. There has been questions to the agreement including how all of the goals be met, and how money works out into the developing countries. The biggest issue Trump addressed is that it would cost the U.

S the most in the long haul, including being 3 trillion dollars more in debt, and 6.5 million industrial jobs lost. Another concern from many countries is if the people will go through, because they are getting false assurance that this agreement on paper will turn into a saving the world impact. James Hanson a former NASA scientist objected to the agreement recognizing that ” There is no action, just promises.

As long as fossil fuels appear to be the cheapest fuels out there, they will continue to burn”. The Paris Agreement is acted to replace the Kyoto Protocol, however money was promised back then to the developed countries and still questioned. Finally an important concern would be international carbon transportation, everyday emissions from flying and shipping will double in production by 2050, this is a concern because people will always use airplane and need things.   The Paris Climate Agreement is aimed to acknowledge the greenhouse gas emission rising problem, and promote transparency and compliance. The fate of the agreement is still set in motion even with the main concern of the U.

S, and turning the goals into a real possibility and adaptation.  


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