Death and the death scene of Lady

Death plays a big part in everyone’s life.

It causes pain and suffering but it can also bringout the truth in people, such as, in the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, one of these deathscenes is the death of Lady Macbeth which brings upon a new meaning to the audience. In Act 5,Scene 5, Macbeth hears a scream and turns to his servant and asks what it is, he is told that it isLady Macbeth, who killed herself. Macbeth does not ask how she died, and he tells his servantthat she would have died later anyway.

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This is because Lady Macbeth pressures Macbeth forgreater power and she does this by using guilt and tells him that he is not manning enough to murderDuncan. Her remorseful words and temptation kept progressing to the point where Macbethfinally gave in and did as he was told. When Lady Macbeth died, it was almost as if Macbeth hadrelief from the death of this wife, even though it was tragic. This shows the true meaning of thework as a whole because it shows that power is more important than anything else and that LadyMacbeth wanted this power for Macbeth more than Macbeth wanted it for himself. If this causedpain and suffering both to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

This play shows many examples ofcharacters being power-hungry and it destroying the people around them and themselves. This isa major theme in the play and the death scene of Lady Macbeth is a prime example of this theme. In this theme of power, Macbeth is the character that is in the middle of all the powershifts. This shift of power disturbed his relationships as he gains more power.

For example, Inthe beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is a supportive and loving wife who supports herhusband. When Macbeth tells her about the witches in the woods and the prophecy of him beingking, she starts to become power-hungry. She then becomes ruthless by telling Macbeth that heneeds to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth starts to persuading him into killing Duncan, by puttingguilt on him. She does this so that Macbeth can take Duncan’s place of being king. BeforeMacbeth kills again he is torn about what he should do.

Lady Macbeth once Macbeth to killDuncan so she stars persuading him by playing on his insecurities. She does this by calling him acoward and she does not think that he is man enough to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth also tellshim that he will become more of a man if he kills Duncan. Many times after the murder, Lady Macbeth tries to bog down both her and Macbeth’sguilt. She does this so that no one would think they had something to do with the murder. Bydoing this lady Macbeth starts to go insane which causes Macbeth to go insane too.

This allproves that Macbeth puts his faith in the wrong people, this is ironic because Macbeth should beable to put his faith in his wife and she should help Macbeth to do the right thing. This alsoproves that power is not always a good thing and in this instance, it is costing everyone theirlives. This is a prime example of the horrible things guilt can do to you. Lady Macbeth startedoff as a normal person but her mistake of being power-hungry led to her downward spiral intoinsanity and the insanity of her husband.

If she just would have been patient and not try to makeMacbeth kills other people so that he would turn into the new King. If she did not do this shewould not have had the guilt of the murders and she would not have killed herself. The witchespredicted of Macbeth becoming king which means he did not have to kill Duncan because hewas going to be king anyway. It would have been a lot better for Lady Macbeth if they did notkill Duncan and she would not be paranoid about getting caught. She also would have been a lotmore peaceful and not have the pressure to be in Macbeth’s business. The story of Macbethteaches the audience many life lessons. The first and biggest reason is that greed can rule yourlife and can hurt the people in your life.

The second reason is that it pays to be patient. The lastreason is that guilt is not something you can ignore. The guilt brought upon Lady Macbeth, bythe bad deeds that were committed, did more harm than good for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.Therefore, Lady Macbeth’s suicide was brought on by her guilt of being responsible for Duncan’smurder. The death scene of Lady Macbeth is a big part of this plan because it really enlights thetrue meaning of the play as a whole.

This is because power is more important than anything elseto Lady Macbeth. This led to her death because her guilt overcame her. This showed manythemes throughout the play and the true meaning of the play.


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