Cyberwarfare actors attempt to disrupt the activities of




Cyberwarfare: is computer-or network-based
conflict involving politically motivated attacks by a nation-state on another

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In these
types of attacks, nation-state actors attempt to disrupt the activities of organizations
or nation-states, especially for strategic or military purposes and
cyberespionage. (electric power grids, trains, banks, aviation systems).


This type of war
creates the biggest type of threat as it lets nations do battle without guns or
bombs, it is a rouge actor with a laptop and a desire to wreak havoc.

It creates an
unseen invisible battlefield where hackers of various nations may duel.


If a country
wishes to engage in cyberwarfare it is quite cheap and easily accessible.














A cyber conflict differs
greatly from what we typically associate with a war. There are no bombs
bursting or gun fire. It is a silent conflict that is hard to notice until you
try an electronic transaction. When we evaluate the progress of a war today we
measure death and physical destruction. While there can be minor physical
destruction in a cyber war, the political economic and financial implications
are the primary measures of success.


What makes a cyber warfare attack appealing? Mainly the fact
that it can come at little or no cost for the perpetrator. An attacker with
great technical capabilities can create disruption by using a single computer
wherever he or she is located. While the use of conventional weapons requires
expensive manufacturing and physical travel to target locations, cyber attacks
can be conducted from anywhere. Traditional weapons have a cost that might be
prohibitive for many and are hard to transport (or deliver) in secrecy. In
other cases, attacks might require the sacrifice of the offenders. Cyber
attacks are quick, can be equally destructive and can definitely be inexpensive
to execute.


















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