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“Cracking The Code of Life” on PBS is a documentary that talks about the human Genome project and the issues it proposes. The document focus on a project that will help determine different disease and the effect they will have on people.  It goes into details the goals and thing that play a role for rxmakme DNA, genes, and proteins. It uses disease like cystic fibrosis which I will be talking about later to explain. How people gain genetic disorders by faulty genes and how HPG will help. There are groups of people who actually research’s that research HPG some can work for Celera. Celera is a an outside company to pushes for the progress of HPG. I personally think there were a lot of pros and cons to the companies getting involved. Finally the documentary began discussing the ethics something I feel is very important to include. The HGP could eventually create a test that allows researchers to determine if people have the genetic for the disease or not, and if so pre ya can alter the gene which I think is okay if it’s benefiting not allowing the disease to grow but if parents are going to alter children looks that’s not right as I feel that is not right for parents nor their role. With the technology and knowledge given to us we must use it wisely not supernaturally. Watching The code of Life I really was able to understand the works behind a scientist and appreciate their continuations and the human genome project. This project is step in the right direction for mankind and our growth. The knowledge obtained through the process could be utilized many year from now and led society and the future generation in the right direction. I believe the pro outweighs the negatives and a cure will be produces soon because of HGP. The cure will change people lives and that projections like HGP are so vital to human life and progressions. I would recommend The code of slide to anyone interesting is science, genetic and how it all plays a very important role in not only the present but the future. Cystic fibrosis is a chronic disease that disrupts the body salt levels leave less salt and water on the outside of the cells causing mucus to form around the kinds which coughs the lungs and for them to not be germs free as they normally are. The hereditary disease eventually leads to disability and “ultisyste” failure due to the effects this “ucus. In addition to the difficulties breathing and serious lung infections, CF “mucus” affects digestion by obstructing the pancreas and stopping natural enzymes from helping the body to break down and absorb food.cystic fibrosis is classified as a gene mutation that a person can have or had approximately there are 1,400 different types of mutations. Some common symptoms people could see or expect are Continuous coughing with phlegm or extra mucusLung infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis Wheezing Shortage of breath Little weight gain and poor growth Nasal Polyps. As these are just the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, cystic fibrosis is affiliated with many diseases and conditions. Such as lung disease and infections, diabetes, chubby finger and toes, poor growth and infertility as well as gastrointestinal system blockages and malabsorption. Normally cystic fibrosis can be diagnosed at birth at the screening. A sweat test can also be done to analyze the amazing of chloride (an ion found in salt). Chloride levels that are above a certain amount indicated if a person has CF or not. Several test can be conducted from a genetic test using blood or a swab to see if they see genetic mutations to X-rays, CAT scans among others. Cystic fibrosis is a mutation called cystic fibrosis is transmembrane conductance regulator(CFTR). Only one copy of the gen is needed even though most people have two, to complete functions such as creating sweat, mucus, and digest juice but most people have. A child with two parents who are carriers of the defective gene has a 789 chance of having cystic fibrosis and being a carrier of t!o defective copies of the gene, a 789 chance of not being affected nor a carrier of a defective copy of the gene, and a 89 chance of not being affected by CF but carrying one defective copy of the gene.Currently there is no cure for cystic fibrosis. However the length and quality of life have been improved through nutrition, health care and treatments. Everyone is different so treatments don’t have the same effect on everyone but taking antibiotic is very consistent for anyone who has cystic fibrosis. Treatments can range so can the techniques for example vibrations are used to loosen mucus in lungs so it can coughed up. Thinners and antibiotic also are useful as they help assist the breathing. Pacienta with CF will also take a supplement before  meals and snacks I help with digestion as the disease blocks pancreatic enzymes in the intestines.If these options aren’t successful sometimes the physician will off a lung transplantation. Holding for a healthier future with gene therapies that can be a healthy copy of CFTR that affect cells.


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