Cooking pots & pans are ideal to

Cooking is an integral part of everyone’s routine. To enjoy the cooking, one feels like having an organised & functional kitchen. Most of them believe that spending quality time in kitchen with our loved ones is a stress buster after the hectic day. This enforces us to maintain the kitchen tidy & functional. Kitchens are often the focus of the home either with aesthetics or functionality.1.

      Everything in its placeThe first steps in making the kitchen spacious are to categorize the tools, utensils & appliances based on the frequency of use. As the kitchen engages varieties of items, designating them to particular cabinets or space ensures ease of access. The items which are rarely used could be planned to store on overhead cabinets or little away from cooking range and keeping the most used items in ease to reach places. By following this not only makes cooking easy but also streamlines the looks by making it uncluttered.  Everything in its place emphasizes the easy usage of kitchen. 2.      Organised cabinetsOne should look for clever storage options as it’s hard to find storage space in the kitchen. Often kitchen tends to have dead spaces like corners & intermediate spaces.

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These could be filled up with corner accessories like Magic Corners, Carousel Units. Keeping the cooking essentials handy is another way to organise. Small utensils & spices could be stored in drawers.

The pots & pans are ideal to keep in the pull out drawer which eases the access. Tall pantries could occupy a good lot of groceries also. 3.      Open shelves/Wall storages Open shelves are one of the ways to add light & space to kitchen. These shelves could be used to store small items which are frequently used.

This acts as display for decorated containers, plants and cookbooks. Using the hanger rods, hooks on walls creates the space to store tools or hang mugs. These are multifunctional too. This doesn’t restrict any particular size for the items. The spice racks are another great idea for display storage. 4.      Keep it minimalSimplifying the kitchen is one of the best decision if you want to add the space. It gives lots of advantages also.

This starts with removal of tools, utensils and appliances that you don’t use. This makes the kitchen look organised & gives extra space inexpensively. It creates an attractive impression also. “Less the more” is great idea to make the kitchen look spacious.5.

      Choosing right appliancesThere are a variety of appliances which goes in the kitchen. Appliances have often made all of us feel that few of kitchen tasks are effortless but they tend to fill up the certain space. A few of the appliances which performs dual tasks like chimney cum oven or microwave oven are the right choices when space is constraint. Refrigerators size could be decided based on the size of the family. Sometimes having too many appliances consumes a lot of space and eventually one gets bored to use them. Choosing the right appliances offers ultimate expediency for better organisation.


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