Dear the other end through courier service,

Dear Sir, I sent an ordinary post envelope through your post office, containing therein a letter and its enclosures, addressed to ____________ (with address) ____________ on. Before the letter was posted it was weighed at your stamp counter and necessary postage was affixed on the envelope and then dropped by me in the letter box in front of your post office. It was to my utter dismay and surprise when I was informed by the addressee from ____________over phone on ____________ that he received only the envelope without any letter inside. How has it happened in your postal department is a matter of serious consternation. Under such unexpected and undesirable circumstances, there is no point of disagreement, which you will please appreciate; it has shaken my confidence in the services rendered by your postal department. Henceforward, I will have no alternative but to- think seriously about maintaining surface communication at the other end through courier service, which, I feel, they are more dependable, as such ugly incident never happens with them, as is the general opinion.

Kindly look into the matter personally with all seriousness. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

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