In the real world, people are not living by themselves, separate and alone. They always live with groups of people around them, and they try to survive together. This is called “community”. A community is a society where people live together and take care of each other. Therefore, a community as a representative of many people has responsibilities to guard each single member in a group. A community should provide security, trust and honesty, and more importantly, happiness.

Since a community is like a best friend for people, it should give security, trust and honesty. People living within a community rely on it. People do businesses, make money, and live in a community. People have parties and celebrations in it. People are enjoying their time living in it. In order to let people to have the same enjoyment and entertainment in a community, it must give security to make sure that every house, every person, every object has safeties and protection against crimes. It must provide trust and honesty to each person to have faith and loyalty about it.

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In addition, happiness is one of the major things that a community should give it to its people. You do not want to make people disappointed and mad at you because they can make you to be alone by yourself. So, as a community, if a community gives happiness to people, people will live happily, and they will try their best to make their community to be the best of the best.

For example, a community such as cyberspace should give security and happiness to people who are using cyberspace. Since the internet business is more advanced and complex year after year, it is getting harmful to internet users. Because some people put a crashed or virus programs and sites on the web to make other users crash their computers. They are not only harmful to certain people, but to other users. That’s why the cyberspace should create some source of program, which guard the internet against those troublemakers.

Plus, on the other hand, cyberspace should give entertainment and varies of modern technologies to its users to be sure to have satisfactory and happiness. It should give new, updated information and programs that people have never seen before. It should support services that can do electronically transfer things such as credits, e-mails, letters, plus others.

In reality, not every community in different countries has the same qualities as others. Some have good reputations, but some do not. But there is always something you can do to make it better for community that has bad reputations. My suggestion is that people within the particular community have to stick together and they have to try their hardest work to improve their communities.


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