Communication body language and eating habits while

Communication style of Bill GatesTo alembrate the business various things are required likecommunication style, decision making and leadership etc.One of themost important factor is communication style of leader.As our leader was very good at communication style which helped him alot in attaining a success..

Initially he was good at managing toworking with his co -leader without any issues to examplify.We can talkabout togeather working of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer for 20 yearswhich was managed working just because of Bill Gates.In addition tothat he was also good at defining complex and confusing things in away that is understandable he had ability to incourage workers to workwell he was able to do this just beacuse of his different and goodrepresenting way like Bill Gates was known to fact that the the workersattension can be attained by adding things like simple sketches ordrawing short videos etc. which can attract listeners and make them tounderstand in a better way.It was known as his “Rule of three”.

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(LindaKundai,March 28,2014).Secondly,Bill Gates had ability to rephrasethings in such a way that he will appear very positive to us like he said”Ifyou think your teacher is tough,wait untill you get a boss.He does nothave a tenure”(Bill Gates).Along with this Bill Gates alwayscommunicate in a way that he can motivate others to do well and workhard which is key of success in life.Mostly,while communication with others his main focus was on classifythe things and execution which was very difficult habit he had incomparison to others.

In addition to that he was strict leader whoalways wanted a good controll on organization. Furthermore hebelieved in showing a lack of interest in personal habits such as body language and eating habits while talking to others like on his first meetwith his girlfriend he ate chicken with spoon which show that mainconcern of Bill Gates while talking to others is on his words and sense ofthing(Mirror buisness,2015-06-11).Apart from that he transformed iscommunicatin skills to make them more effective.Basically he worked on a rule of three which includes more comfortableway of communication for listeners because he thought that if ourwords are not understandable for listeners then our efforts areworthless.So to achieve this transformation he always trying to definecomplex things in a simple way with best choosen words ,rather thanadding a high level vocabulary and thoughts.Second transformation that Bill Gates made is addition of videos in hispresentation,like he always tried to add a small videos related to histopic which he that can refresh listeners mind more than the things wehear .Third and last transformation he made was the reduction of accentwhile speaking which is the most powerful tool of good communication.Because when our words are clear to listeners then there is moreprobability that they will understand the concept fast and better ratherthan understanding words.At last it is crystally clear that he had fineand motivational communication skill those made him successfulperson in life.Susan,(sept.2,2014) Refrences:-Linda kundell,(March28,2014).Speaking style of Bill Gates. business,(2015-06-11)Bill Gates transactional style.https://www.dailymirror.IK/75949/billgate-s-transactional-leadership- Susan(september2,2014)Bill Gates and the rule 3-confident


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