COMMITTEE: are more than 2 million children killed

COMMITTEE: Human Rights CouncilTHE QUESTION OF: Decommissioning child soldiers in national military, paramilitary and other armed groups, preventing their future recruitment and reintegrating them into civilian lifeMAIN SUBMITTER: SwedenCO-SUBMITTERS: DPRK, Guinea, Ivory CoastSIGNATORIES: Stalin, Hitler, Donald TrumpThe Human Rights Council,Reminding all nations about the hardships a child suffers through their time in war and the army.Bearing in mind that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3, Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.Stressing the fact that many armies use children for wars and other violent events such as bombing and infiltration.Fully aware of the current children in Iraq and Syria who are being obligated to donate their blood to wounded IS militants despite them being anaemic, thus worsening their mental and physical state,Notes with regret that there are more than 2 million children killed in conflict, 1 million children who have been orphaned, over 6 million children injured and over 10 million people left with psychological trauma and insecurityFurther noting with alarm the increase in child soldiers and children in conflict,Recognizing the need of education for children of ages 5-18 in order to provide the necessary skills in order to ensure their safety and job security in the future.Asks that countries observe situations where refugees are concerned in, especially monitoring displaced children, in conflicts and war situations such as but not limited to:the Syrian refugee crisis,the “boat people” crisis in Southeast Asia,displacement in the Central African Republic;Calls for member states to support these displaced children by forming connections with charities such as Save the Children and UNICEF to help these children by the following methods below:building more refugee camps at locations of crises,advertising the current problems of the refugee crises to the mass public within their own countries, so that donations will be given, through means such as but not limited to:advertisements,newspaper articles and critics;providing basic healthcare and medical support to children in need, through means such as but not limited to:immunization against diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, chickenpox and mumps,medical checkups once every yearfree access to basic medicationssending troops to locations of crises to support these children through ways such as but not limited to:providing basic needs,establishing safe haven for these children;Urges humanitarian aid be delivered from member states to the refugee children, which include actions such as but not limited to:providing food and water to these displaced children,providing temporary shelter,assisting these children in finding a permanent homehelping these children relocate their lives and find their families;Suggests that economically-stable countries aid countries that are in less-ideal conditions, to ensure a healthy and safe environment are provided for children in conflict through the following means:providing humanitarian aids (as stated in Clause 3),sending troops to fight violators of the rights of the child,providing temporary asylum;Solemnly Affirms the formation of the Committee for the Protection and Preservation of Children’s Rights in Conflict, to be known as PAPCORIC in short, which will perform the duties below, but not limited to: Participating in an international fund that will be used to support child refugees around the worldRequired to support rescue missions with resources such as vehicles, manpower, tools, and ammunition, should violent retaliation is encountered when rescuing children,Attend regular meetings that is used to discuss recent matters, and updates of information and situations in regions,Voluntarily and willingly alter, strike, or add laws that are beneficial to supporting children in conflict, only after a discussion and voting of the PAPCORIC members.Respond actively to any situation that requires a country’s support, such as but not limited tofinancial aid,manpower,vehicles,tools,training for rural areas;Recommends that if PAPCORIC is formed, all members in the United Nations Human Rights Council shall be entitled to a two-year membership to form the original committee, on the following terms:Each member is willing to monitor and observe refugee crises,Each member should show some form of support for child refugees through providing humanitarian aid, and helping the United Nations in solving this problem,Each member must have an office in their country which should be deeply looked into and monitored by the United Nations;Further Recommends that should PAPCORIC be formed, all members should serve for two years, before the Human Rights Council reviews the membership of each individual member state and determine whether they can serve for another term based on the conditions as stated in Clause 6, sub-clause A, B and C;Strongly urges all member states to tighten security and closely observe and monitor organisations that abduct children and make them child soldiers, an organisation called SCS (Stop Child Soldiers) under PAPCORIC may be formed and all member states part of the HRC are part of the SCS with immediate effect, Calls on all member states to implement educational policies that relate to child conflict,  such as but not limited to:public programmes,announcements in schools by respectable people in the government, such as but not limited to,Reputed people in the education department such as but not limited toEducational Officers Educational Invites all member states to tackle with the root problem of children’s rights itself, by providing troops;Trusts this issue to be solved by a systematic and programmatic approach and implementation of the procedure, by referring to past models and recognizing improvements that can be made in plans;Further proclaims to alter the Draft Lucens Guidelines on the military use of schools, highlighting the concerning number of parties offending these guidelines, principally the 31 continuous violators;Suggests that the United Nations Human Rights Council send missions to visit conflicted areas to report and evaluate on the progress made;Emphasises that countries adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to ensure children have basic necessities to allow them to develop to their full potential;Recommends that impunity be emphasized more as offenders with no punishment will continue to exploit children and aggravate this issue,Proposes for countries to create an individual database where all relevant information connected to child conflict, such as patrol reports, locations of organisations, information of criminals,  will be stored and available to reference by countries that are part of PAPCORIC, as this will ensure that information regarding this area is free and easy to access,Calls upon all the United Nations and World Bank to donate USD$200,000 that are used to support PAPCORIC at the beginning;Strongly urges member states to promote voluntary work such as rescuing abducted children and giving lessons on the importance of de-escalating child conflict, through media such as, but not limited to:social platforms such as, but not limited to:FacebookInstagramTwitterleafletsnewspapersmagazinesCalls for member states to commence educational workshops for households that reside in reported regions of child military activity, including, but not limited to:classes that are to be administered at schools that details:the military and key information on their use and their mission,how to resist offers made by extremist groups and the militarycontact details of persons or organizations to inform if a certain individual, under the age of 18, is involved in military activities,workshops that persuades and informs parents to recognize the need for schooling and education rather than sending their children to the military for monetary purposes,positive psychology and why it is required in society and households,Decides to be remain actively seized on the matter.


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