Coal problems to the human health and to

Coal is the dirtiest
fossil foil in the world that emitting carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and
causes a greater harm to the environment and human health. Coal is a
combustible carbonaceous rock, formed from accumulated vegetable matter that
has been altered by decay and various amounts of heat and pressure over
millions of years. Contribution of coal in the economy of a country is
essential. But the environmental impact of coal mining is immense to the
atmosphere and human and other ecosystems in the earth. Coal is the primary
source of energy that uses to meet the huge demand of energy that is to be
consumed to meet the development of the society. There are mainly two way of
excavation of this fossil called opencast and underground mining. Both of these
procedures are extremely harmful to our environment especially to our
atmosphere and aquatic ecosystem. Coal is mainly used for energy sector which
is considered as the fuel of development of a nation. This is the most
available and used fossil foil in the earth. In this age of development coal
industry is a major sector of industrial for both developed and developing
countries. But this process of development is immensely deteriorating the
environment.  The use of electricity
generated by coal has great impact n health and wellbeing of people. It has
created thousands of employment opportunities to the people of the modern time.
But use of coal to the power generation has created thousands of problems to
the human health and to the ecosystem we are belonging. Air pollution caused by
the coal combustion is prone people to different types of damages to the human
health such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems and abnormal
neuropsychological development to the children. Most importantly the contribution
to the coal combustion to the climate change and the anthropogenic gas emission
has the most important things to be considered. Among the pollution by coal
combustion the air pollution is more deathly to the human and to the
environment. When coal is burn to produce electricity different air borne
pollutants are emitted such as Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide,
acids gases, mercury, arsenic, nickel and others. Before use coal in producing
energy at first it has to be mined then washed and transport. After using in
the power plant it is to stored or disposed. All of the procedures stated above
is threatening to the environment and ecosystem. The disposal of coal mining
and burning to the energy sector harmfully affected to the wetlands and human
health. Throughout the life cycle of his fossil its disposes number of
pollutants and causes threat to the environment.

Impact of Coal Pollution
on Human

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International Energy
Agency reveals a report that claims coal based energy production in the world was
8572 TWh in 2010. The coal industry is popularizing with the days. Though some
international pacts and agreements are signed by the international community
but the mining and other activities is not being stopped. So it imposes
continuous threat to the human health and our ecosystem. The impact of coal
pollution is severe to the human health.  

Physical Effects


A November 2009 report on the effects of coal by the Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) found that coal combustion affects not
only the human respiratory system, but also the cardiovascular and nervous


Respiratory Effects

Ø  According to a 2004 report by
the Clean Air Task Force, fine particulates from power plants result in nearly 24,000
annual deaths, with 14 years lost on average for each death.

Ø  Burning of coal contributes to smog that
releases different harmful gases like oxides of nitrogen which react with
different organic compound in the day light that produce ozone gas the main
element of smog. Air pollution affects the lung of the human and these anthropogenic
particles are badly affecting the respiratory system.

Ø  Coal combustion causes air pollution that is
considered as the main reason of asthma that affects 9% of the children of all
who are porn to asthma attack. This is bigger concern that asthma attack to the
children is increasing dramatically than ever.

Ø  Coal combustion causes ozone exploration that
causes different diseases like cancer and damage functions of human organ.

Ø  Coal pollutants also play a
role in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung
disease characterized by permanent narrowing of airways.



Cardiovascular Effects


Ø  Air pollution causes cardiovascular
diseases that are resulted from coal combustion. Different studies have
identified that coal combustion is directly or indirectly causes respiratory
and cardiovascular problem to the human and animals. It causes pulmonary
inflammation and oxidative stress. Pollutants emitted by the coal combustion in
the air combustion are caused different cardiovascular diseases like artery
blockages leading to heart attacks, and tissue death and heart damage due to
oxygen deprivation. Research showed that on an average 38200 people died
because of coal pollution in a year.

Ø  Studies shows that oxides of
nitrogen together with the other pollutant particles are potentially fatal and
affects the cardiac rhythm of human.

Ø  The cardiovascular effects
of long-term air pollution are also considered. The exposure of pollutants over
long time increase mortality rate of the people. So it has a significant correlation
between these two factors that decreasing the pollution increase the life
expectancy of the people of the particular area. The more regulations enforcement
will be enacted to control air pollution caused by the coal combustion. Research
shows that the metropolitans with less pollution will have a higher life
expectancy of the people.

Ø  A studies of American Medical
Association shows that on 34 people who are suffering from heart attack at
different level of inhaling different pollutants from air that is polluted from
thousand of causes concluded that pollutant particles of the air is responsible
for increasing risk of the heart attack.

Ø  The problem of the mining
worker is severe than the normal people. People associated with mining and
combustion is the most victims of the coal pollution and cardiovascular problem
related to coal pollution.zz


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